Facebook Vanity Usernames…for Facebook Beginners

14 Jun 2009

Tom Shapiro

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Heather Nolte notified the StartupNation community last week about Facebook’s new offering of vanity URLs (Facebook.com/YourNameHere) for individuals and businesses. Check out her post: Facebook Vanity Username…Get Yours June 13th 12:01am!.

Although any individual and many businesses were afforded the opportunity to secure personalized URLs from June 13th, business pages with fewer than 1000 fans and business pages that were created after May 31, 2009 are not currently able to take advantage of Facebook’s change in policy. For now, to protect against potential URL squatters, Facebook is forcing such businesses to wait.

However, on Sunday, June 28th that will change.

On the 28th, companies with business pages with fewer than 1000 fans and those created after May 31 will be able to secure their own vanity URLs, which, as Heather pointed out in her post, is beneficial from a marketing and SEO perspective.

So, for any Facebook beginners out there, mark June 28th on your calendar and secure the Facebook username of your choice!

Click here for more information.

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