Home-based business owner wins an office!

My favorite thing about the winner of the “Home Office From Hell Contest” sponsored by Offices2Share.com is the name of his company: Ancient Geek. The owner of the formerly home-based business’s name is Jason Welshonse, and his startup business (as you probably guessed) is a computer consultant to regular folks like you and me (well at least me!) with traveling techs in the Bay Area. This was his entry:

1) I have to yell "Phone!" really loud when the phone rings to make sure all TVs and radios get muted so I can answer it.
2) I have started to refer to my pets as employees.
3) My customers are starting to think there’s a lot of dogs around my office because my dog always barks when I pick up the phone.
4) I have started answering my home phone with my company name.
5) I had a crazy subcontractor threatening to come to my home to pick up his last check instead of waiting for the mail.
6) It’s WAY too easy to go to work on my day off. It’s Saturday at 11PM and I’m entering a contest to win office space.
7) I’d rather watch Oprah at 4 PM then do my billing.
8) It’s hard to cram 10 computers into a spare bedroom. Although I don’t need to turn on the heat in the winter.
9) When potential clients hear that I work out of my home, they respond with "Oh, so you’re not a REAL business."
10) FedEx wants to deliver a package, they want to know if it’s a home or office. I always answer "Yes."

Welshonse wins a 1-year lease in an office near his home.

You can read many of the other entries here.

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