Innovative Idea: Back to those basic experiences

I had a moment (I can pinpoint it exactly) when roller coasters seemed to lose their luster for me. It was about 30 seconds after de boarding a Turkish Twister after having had about 6 sips of a soda…and I was down for the count, on the ground, laying flat on my back for about 45 minutes.

Rides are all well and good as entertainment for “kids of all ages,” but for others, there’s nothing quite like the being hte driver’s seat of a Caterpillar. Such is the premise behind Männerspielplatz, an amusement park for men that lets them get in touch with their inner construction worker.


Why, I ask you, do men get all the fun here? And, Please. Someone tell me why this isn’t being done somewhere in Detroit?

This market calls for this kind of CREATIVITY.

For EUR 219, visitors to Männerspielplatz can shed their office trappings and get seriously dirty while playing with excavators, wheel loaders, Caterpillars, quads, Jeeps and more. The park, which is situated in an old factory site just outside Kassel, Germany, offers 18 stations for visitors to enjoy to their heart’s content. Challenges include using a Komatsu Hanomag excavator to move huge stones; leveling the ground with a bulldozer; off-road riding on a Quad Unimog; and participating in an archery course. Participants must be at least 18 years old. A Class B license is required, and admission is limited to minimize waiting times.

By gratifying a lifelong fantasy that seems fairly universal among boys and men, Männerspielplatz provides an experience that could be taken directly from the pages of Pine and Gilmore’s Experience Economy.

Write in and tell me of some business you know that has an interesting twist on an old idea. Come on, a theme park of old, used farm equipment? I know so many execs that would want to do that sort of thing, and pay good money – provided there was a good pub at the finish of the day.

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