Internet Marketing: 3 More Quick and Easy Tactics

In my prior post, I listed three quick and easy tactics for effective Internet marketing: Answer Sites, Squidoo and Craig’s List.

Below, we build upon this list with three additional Internet marketing tactics that you can start implementing right away to drive qualified traffic to your website. And once again, all of these methods can be done without cost.

To that end, try the following three quick & easy Internet marketing tactics to give your online results a boost.



Demonstrate your expertise and value by hosting your own blog. This is one of the most effective Internet marketing tactics that you can implement. You have full control of the content and the publishing schedule.

You should host your blog on your own website domain (e.g., rather than relying on an externally hosted solution (e.g., or forcing your prospects and customers to remember an additional URL just to find your blog (e.g.,

The point is that you want to make your blog as easy to find as possible. In addition, the more valuable content that you add to your blog, the more that other sites will start linking to your blog posts, and this will transfer link equity to your website that the search engines value. If your blog is located outside of your main website, then your main website is going to miss out on such valuable search engine juice.

To get started with your own blog, check out the following popular blogging platforms:

Blog Syndication

Once you have your blog up and running for your business, you will want to promote it and let your target audience know about your new content.

To that end, you can use blog syndication networks such as BlogBurst–the world’s largest blog syndication network, creating more than 100 million exposure opportunities monthly–to greatly expand your blog’s reach. With a blog syndication network, you are able to promote your blog posts automatically and free of charge on related websites or on leading publisher sites, depending on the syndication network. With BlogBurst, for example, links to your blog posts can become available on news sites such as USA Today, Reuters and Gannett, among others.

Article Marketing

Demonstrate your expertise and value by writing and publishing articles that your target audience would find helpful. In your author byline, include your company name, a quick benefit of your products or services, and most importantly a link back to your website. Popular article topics include tips, success secrets, trends, points-of-view, and reviews of products/services.

Online article sites that tend to do well on the search engines include:

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