Internet Marketing: 3 Quick and Easy Tactics

You want to get in front of your target audience online. You want to drive more traffic to your website. You want to generate more leads through your website. And you want to do all of this cost effectively.

To that end, try the following three quick & easy Internet marketing tactics to give your online results a boost.

And a great benefit of each of these tactics is that they are completely free. So, you have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain!


Answer Sites

Participate in Answer sites, which are online environments where people pose questions to the crowd, and anyone can provide an answer for others to openly view. Search for questions that relate to your products, services and solutions, or simply your area of expertise. Search for the types of questions that you believe your target audience would be asking.

Then, demonstrate your expertise and value by posting relevant answers. Where appropriate, and where you are truly adding value, you can add a relevant link to your website, blog, whitepaper or other online content. Popular Answer sites include:

Squidoo is a website that empowers you to create a new web page on any topic, all without charge. This gives you the opportunity to prove your expertise on as many topics as you would like to cover — whether 5 or 500. The site is very popular, with more than 4 million monthly unique visitors. The page configuration template is extremely easy to use, and provides you with various options for content generation.

For example, if you are a PR consultant, you can setup pages on PR 101, PR 2.0 essentials, green PR, public speaking tips,  advice on how to get on TV or radio, interviewing tips, etc. The options available to you are endless.

And although it should not be your main objective with Squidoo, the pages include Google AdSense advertisements, and so you can either earn a bit of extra money or donate the extra money to charity.

Craig’s List is one of the most popular destinations on the web, with more than 45 million monthly unique visitors. In fact, it’s the 8th most popular English-language website in the world in terms of Page Views. The site offers classifieds and forums for more than 550 cities in over 50 countries, mostly free of charge.

If your business is locally-based, Craig’s List may be a great way for you to complement your existing Internet marketing tactics. To get more mileage out of the site, it pays to develop multiple, unique templates and to do some simple HTML coding so that your ads stand out from the rest. Due to the rudimentary setup of the site, it’s really not hard at all to create classified ads that look much better than competing ads.

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