Landing Page Tips – Part Two

This is the second in a three-part series looking at ways that you can transform your campaign or website Landing Pages into highly effective sales funnels for your business. Follow these tips, and see your Landing Pages generate more leads, orders and sales.


1. Create a Call-to-Action

Make it obvious and clear what the site visitor should do when arriving on your Landing Page through a Call-to-Action. Should they purchase your product, sign up for a subscription, submit a form, request additional information, call you, download a whitepaper, download a demo, download a trial, other?

2. Build Trust

One of the biggest conversion killers is a lack of trust. Someone coming to your Landing Page for the first time has no idea who you are or why they should trust you. Include trust-building elements on your Landing Page such as customer testimonials, press mentions, association logos, awards, and/or trustmarks from credible organizations.

3. Clear the Clutter

Don’t try to do too much with a single Landing Page. Include white space, and remove extraneous elements. Align text and visuals in an appealing layout. Keep it simple and easy-to-read. Clean layout and design makes your organization appear more professional, as well.

4. Remove Navigation

Although you can test whether the inclusion of your site’s navigation system increases conversions, typically it’s best to remove navigation from a Landing Page associated with an online marketing campaign. This simplifies the page, helping the visitor to focus on your offer. (Note: This tip is obviously relevant only to marketing campaign Landing Pages, and not to Landing Pages as part of your main website.)

5. Test Video

Have you tried incorporating video into your Landing Pages? Different people respond to different media and different types of communication styles, and so it’s worth testing video in your Landing Pages to confirm if conversions increase accordingly.

These are just a few suggestions to help you construct great online Landing Pages that drive conversions. You can read Part One of this blog series on Landing Page Tips here. And be sure to read the next post in the blog series as well, to be published next week.

If you need additional help, let me know below or at Thanks!

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