Managing a mommy business…with 5 simple steps!

We are women. Watch us Manage!

I have people ask me, usually men, how do you do it all? How do you take care of the family, and your business, and be so management oriented?  Did you study business management in college, get an MBA? No sir, I did not even finish high school. I even worked at McDonalds as the French fry girl 10 years ago, now I run a multi-million dollar company.

Shhh, my Secret!  I had to work really hard, re-train myself, be willing to admit failure, be willing to change what was not working,  and develop skills that I never knew I had.

 It is not easy! Let me tell you, however, once you have the skill set, anything is possible. Here are my 5 tips and secrets that I use EVERYDAY, to do it!

 1) Make sure you have a very clear to do list. I cannot function without it jotted down, even on a scrap paper.

2) Enlist people to can help you do these items, or that can do them for you.

3) Do not overload your schedule. I know that after I drop my kids at school, I have from 9 AM to 3:30 PM to get my things done. Because as you know, once the kids get home there is a host of activities going down i.e. dinner, homework, chores, and don’t forget you and daddy time! That is a whole other blog to write about. I have been successfully married for 20+ years, so I guess I can claim to be an authority on how to make it all work.

4) Keep your office, or home office clutter free. GET organized!

5) Set a daily schedule of the 1-2-3 + things you need to do every day. Example, take calls from 12-2PM. Make your calls form 4-5 PM, answer e-mails first thing in the morning etc…and stick to it daily. Training and conditioning ourselves is probably the hardest things to do.

I have 4 very, very busy boys, and I am a single parent during the week (hubby commutes M-F), and a life that I must maintain, outside of my business. If I cannot do that, my business will suffer. If I do not bring in money, my family will suffer! So, it is a tedious balance act between the two. You have to simplify things, do what works for you and roll with it.

If you cannot seem to get organized, hire someone to help you. Be careful who you hire however. Make sure they are credible and can really help you. You want to make sure they can listen to your wants, and needs, and can help develop a system that works for you. I once hired a gal who wanted to bring in her trademark system and make me adjust to it. It was stringent and non-flexible. Not going to happen!  Work with someone who will devise a plan and system for you, not them…

Just remember, you can do whatever you organize yourself to do!

Always Dream BIG!

Kim Babjak



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