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7 Proven Ways to Beat Burnout

Overwhelming workloads, toxic office environments and social media overload are leading to more burnout than ever before. These bosses and advisors from The Oracles share how they handle the stress — and prevent it. Delegate My job has changed dramatically since we grew from a small team to over 350 people, and I expect it will continue...
side hustle
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Common Challenges to Starting (and Maintaining) a Side Hustle

Every once in a while, you might find yourself dreaming of working for yourself, either as a full-fledged entrepreneur, or by testing the waters with a side hustle. Plenty of people have second jobs, or “gigs” to generate passive or active income. In October 2016, a McKinsey survey found 20 percent to 30 percent (162...
Sleep Like a Boss
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Q&A with Christine Hansen on How to Sleep Like a Boss

Some entrepreneurs are willing to sacrifice everything, including sleep, health, relationships and sanity, all in pursuit of success. But a growing body of research shows the importance of sleep and the negative ways that poor sleep can damage our health and our productivity. Through her sleep consulting business, Sleep Like a Boss, Christine Hansen coaches people around the...
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Simple Ways to Be a Better Entrepreneur

Are you an entrepreneur who is stressed out about work and getting projects done on time? Check out these three, simple tips to help you get back on track… fast! 1. Work extra hours at strange times. If you are a morning person, try to get up one hour earlier and start working. If you...
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Unplug to Recharge!

I was very lucky to take a much-needed vacation recently and get some rest and relaxation. During my break, I did not have access to e-mail, phone services or the Internet. Now, being someone who is constantly connected, I was worried about this. But guess what? Surprise, surprise…the world did not end because I was...
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Do’s and Don’ts for Managing Stress While Working from Home

Ahhh…the stress-free life of working from home. There are no co-workers to interrupt you, no boss looming over your shoulder and no set work schedule. You can come and go as you please, dress however you like and even leave your home office early to catch a movie. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? It is, except...
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Got Stress? Here’s a Holiday Tip

Woo Hoo! The holidays are here… time to have fun with family and friends and get some R and R. But usually, the holidays also bring stress… especially if you’re an entrepreneur.   At work, maybe you:  Must raise sales numbers by 12/31…  Lay off employees to cut costs…  Finalize year-end client reports…  Pay taxes…...
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Managing a mommy business…with 5 simple steps!

We are women. Watch us Manage! I have people ask me, usually men, how do you do it all? How do you take care of the family, and your business, and be so management oriented?  Did you study business management in college, get an MBA? No sir, I did not even finish high school. I...