New York: The Startup Founder’s Hotspot

The Big Apple: A Startup Hotspot Worth the Look

Forget about Silicon Valley, it’s all about Silicon Alley now. New York is the start-up founder’s ultimate destination right now as more and more businesses are setting up shop in the Big Apple.

The digital age has been supportive to New York, as its thriving status has only risen and risen throughout the years. It’s reported that the city hosts over 300,000 employees in the tech sector alone, competing with the successes such as San Francisco’s Silicon Valley.

The success of business in NY City has even meant that the original Silicon Alley around Union Square has now sprawled out across the city, hitting up areas including Brooklyn – So, why are entrepreneurs choosing New York?

Cheap Flights have come up with their ultimate guide to any start-up founder looking at setting up business in New York and for anyone that’s not, why they should be.

According to their infographic, New York is seeing a 33% increase in the amount of tech jobs over the last years. In comparison, that’s 4x the amount of growth that the rest of the country is seeing.

It was even reported at the beginning of the month that Brooklyn is leading the way for women start-up founders. It was reported in a study from Crunchbase that 28% of the start-ups in Brooklyn that received initial funding between 2009 and 2014 had at least one female founder in their business.

So, how do you get up and running with your start-up in the Big Apple? New York is brimming with shared co-working space that allows start-ups and small businesses to share office space that allows workers to bounce off each other and assist. Companies like WeWork & Fueled Collective are leading the pack in this – and they seem pretty beneficial to anyone starting out in the industry. Playing a flat rate for office space means you can save on start-up costs and don’t have to worry about buying services such as broadband, security and printing. Plus, when you factor in the perks available such as beer on tap or a year-round ice cream cart, it’s hard not to find a new entrepreneur that wouldn’t be interested.

Also, when you factor in the fact that New York is a pretty big city and the centre port of call for many big businesses, it makes a lot of sense that you’d want to be part of that scene. There are numerous networking events held every month that allow founders to not only talk and connect to individuals who might be in a similar position to themselves but also get to talk to members of the tech empires and also find people that they might be able to collaborate with professionally in the future.

Check out the infographic below to see just why many businesses are starting up in New York and some of the many benefits that that city has to offer the small business founder. Are you thinking of joining the concrete jungle in the near future as part of your business start-up plan?


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