Ready to Make Your Blog Headlines Irresistible?

Want more people to read your blog? Start with the headline. If you can intrigue your audience with tantalizing headlines, your readership should soar.

To that end, here are 5 tactics for making delicious headlines that your readers will eat up!

Ask a Question

Make your blog entry relevant to your target audience by asking them a question to which they are eager for an answer. This is the tactic used in this blog entry.

Talk about “You”

People love content about themselves. They love learning ideas that will benefit their business. Write about stuff that has direct relevance on your target audience, and include words like “you,” “your” and “your business.” Again, this tactic is used by this blog entry.

Let Them in on “Little Known Ways”

Write about “little known ways” to get things done. This phrase automatically catches your attention and curiosity, by emphasizing scarcity. For example, “5 Little Known Ways to Double Your Revenue” or “5 Little Known Tax Deductions for Your Home Business.”

Make it Timely

Holidays and events fill our calendars throughout the year. Tie into them to build relevance. For example, prognostications around the New Year, ideas to appeal to moms around Mother’s Day, money saving tips around tax time, etc.

Leverage Popular Culture

Relate something to popular culture, and see the curiosity antenna of your audience pop up. Not only can this build fun into your blog, but it can also lead to referrals, social tagging and increased traffic to your blog. For example, “Why Your Pizza Shop Should Act More like Jack Bauer” or “What Any Pizza Shop Could Learn from Rachael Ray.”

These are a few tips to help you take your business blog to the next level. If you need additional help, let me know below or at Thanks!

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