4 Online Educational Opportunities for E-Commerce Entrepreneurs

The world of e-commerce is a vast and rapidly changing environment. When entering an industry that is this fast-paced, it is important to be prepared and continually educate yourself about trends, strategies and best practices.

Naturally, the internet is rife with courses and classes, many of which are free or very affordable, to help one get started in e-commerce. The real challenge is figuring out which of these courses are worth your time and effort.

My company is a database of dropship suppliers, but we also include extensive training tools, lessons and educational components for both members and non-members. We recognize that, while finding trustworthy suppliers is an important part of the e-commerce game, there are other skills and knowledge that online store owners need to be successful.

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In trying to create the most useful guides and resources possible, I’ve learned a lot about the online educational opportunities in this industry. If you’re an e-commerce professional, or looking to become one, here are some of the courses I recommend.

*Note that all course prices stated are reflective of those listed at the time of publish and are subject to change*

How to Start an Amazon FBA Store on a Tight Budget

Price: On sale for $14.99

This Udemy course is a blueprint for selling on Amazon. Not only will this course help you decide if Amazon is the right platform for your e-commerce store, but it will also teach you how to utilize this enormous site to its fullest potential on a startup budget.

Amazon is a behemoth and the sheer size of the website can be overwhelming for many new entrepreneurs. The course will cover things like where to source your products, how to find profitable niches and how to create an Amazon listing that will sell.

SEO Foundations

Price: Available with free trial

Lynda, the academy/education branch of LinkedIn, provides this course on SEO Foundations. I recommend this course for all e-commerce professionals, both old and new, because it covers insights on how customers navigate using search.

As an e-commerce professional, you’ll need to learn how your business appears in search results in order to find and retain customers. You can access this course, along with all other courses on Lynda, with a month-long free trial.

Your Complete Guide to Dropshipping

Price: Free!

Dropshipping is a hot topic in e-commerce, especially for new sellers. This 10-minute video is a great introduction to the strategy of dropshipping, which can revolutionize the way you run your online store.

Dropshipping has reduced barriers to entry for new e-commerce entrepreneurs by eliminating the need for inventory space. This video will explain exactly how dropshipping works, define important terms related to dropshipping, and discuss the pros and cons of this strategy so you can decide whether or not it’s a good fit for your e-commerce business.

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The Complete Shopify Aliexpress Dropship Course

Price: On sale for $13.99

Another option from Udemy, this course walks you through the process of opening up an online store through Shopify, sourcing your products from AliExpress, and getting those products dropshipped to your customers. Led by e-commerce guru Tim Sharp, this very hands-on course is geared toward total beginners.

In the six hours of on-demand educational video, Sharp leads you step-by-step through each phase of online store building: from simply setting up your Shopify account to processing a refund or return. As an added bonus, it comes with a 14-day trial of Shopify.

Choosing the right course for you

While all of the courses listed here are either free or very affordable, it’s important not to judge a course by its cost. While “you get what you pay for” is sometimes applicable, there are a wealth of free resources available that can help you become a more effective online seller. When looking for a good course, always read the reviews—they can offer major insight not only into the quality of the teaching, but also into the content and material.

As you become more familiar with the e-commerce world, it will become clear which topics and strategies you need to work on—and knowing what you want to learn is half the battle. Once you understand what information you need, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find peer-reviewed, reputable resources for your classes. These courses are just a starting point—there is still so much to learn!

*Note that all course prices stated are reflective of those listed at the time of publish and are subject to change*

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