Place: It’s all about the location

In the last post, I began the discussion about the Four Ps of Marketing: Product, Place, Price, and Promotion. Learning how to use each of these concepts effectively can greatly help the success your business. With the first of the Four Ps, Product, if your product fulfills a need or want, has either niche or mass-market appeal, has a high perceived value and can be sold easily, your business has a higher probability of succeeding.

The second of the Four Ps is Place, which is the location where you physically market your business. Two decades ago, the place where you advertised and marketed your business was in the phone book, on telephone poles, and on flyers. With advent of the Internet and online marketing, Place has changed dramatically. You can efficiently market your business through email marketing to a seemingly endless number of people who subscribe to your newsletters. New venues have been created on the Internet for entrepreneurs to host their businesses and reach more potential customers than previously possible.

An ever-growing popular place to market your business is on blogs. As I wrote in a recent post, blogging can help you directly connect to your customers in a more casual way, and can improve your site’s rankings on search engines. Only a few years ago, a blog was not considered a legitimate venue to market a company. Now, more business owners are turning to blogging to compliment their online marketing campaigns.

iContact provides several venues for you to participate in the online marketing industry. You can send the email newsletters you create with iContact out to your subscribers. You can also create and publish content to your blogs on our online customer forum, the iContact Community. The more people that read and comment on your blog posts, the higher your search engine rankings will be.

As the online marketing industry continues to grow, more venues will be developed for you to market your company across the Internet. Have a great weekend and I’ll be back next week to continue our discussion on the Four Ps of Marketing.


Ryan Allis

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