Cool Company of the day: The Evening Hatch

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We all know how important it is to enjoy life… to live it to the fullest.

In that spirit, we recently went on our first fly fishing adventure – something we’d heard people rave about but we’d never "taken the time" to do ourselves.

The little business we chose to outfit and guide us was The Evening Hatch. They’re based in eastern Washington, near the Yakima River, which flows from the Cascade Mountains. The Evening Hatch is a very cool company!

We pulled up to their shop, a 20′ by 20′ shack in the parking lot off a highway exit, walked through the doorway and entered a whole new world.

For the next two days, we had an experience served up on a silver "hook" that we’ll never forget. We were as far away from the grind as you can imagine, and cared for with total commitment and expertise in a way that we just can’t imagine being any better or more professional.

Our guide, Al Parke, was self-billed as the "Grandfather of the Yakima," having fished it for 40-some-odd years. It seemed like he knew the fish on a first-name basis. We caught a good number of Rainbow Trout, Cutthroats, and some Whitefish, all of which we immediately released back into the river.

The "cool factor" was amplified by The Evening Hatch’s consistent enthusiasm and passion for what they do. They love fishing and turning people on to it. And they love the rivers that cut through their part of the world as well as those a hemisphere away in Chile, where they guide tours occasionally.

Their "coolness" also comes from the fact that they’re the leader in Washington State – nothing like being the best.

Two pieces of advice:

1) Check out The Evening Hatch if you ever decide you want to get away from it all and go fishin’.

2) Go fishin’.

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