Did I Just Get an Eye Roll?

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Labor Day weekend is coming, which means the in-laws are coming–or as I like to call them the out-laws.

My hubby’s parents are great people, but after I quit work to devote time to my business, I sensed they harbor a little bit of doubt in my project. (Little bit: as in, the Grand Canyon is a little bit deep.)

You see, the in-laws come from a long line of “professionals,” as they like to term themselves. They’re both professionals; their parents were professionals, and their parents’ parents were professionals. Their professional lineage stretches the whole way back to our original cubicle-dwelling ancestor, the cave man. I think their pets even have nine-to-five jobs. Their dog is in middle-management. They have a cat who’s a paralegal.

And that’s fine by me. However, when they visit and–as we all know–the wheels of a start-up business never stop turning for holidays. So, while I work on the business, they’ll have a few patronizing comments and more than a few eye rolls when I discuss my business. I hate the eye roll.

Do the voices of your detractors change when they talk to you? The out-laws actually talk to me in a different voice now. You know how you talk to a lost child you discovered crying in the middle of a crowded mall or shop? Yeah, that’s the voice.

What I want to know, does anyone else have these issues? How did you resolve them? And finally, did you resolve them in such a way that wouldn’t require a long prison stint?

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