Do you rely on press releases too much?

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It’s early in the morning, and I am answering another e-mail from a brand new entrepreneur. He “needs” a press release written ASAP.

 I respond to discover more information. Basically, he’s another new business owner offering a significant discount for his new product.

Now, this may have involved a lot of time and work on the part of the entrepreneur. But the last time I checked, just offering a discount is not “stop the presses” news.


And a press release is not the way to go.


Have you started a new business and are ready to spread the word with a press release because that’s just how you think it’s done? Well, you’re not alone.


Is Publicity a Last-Minute Thought for Your Business?


There are so many important things that go into starting a new business that publicity is often a last-minute thought with many entrepreneurs… “We need to send out a press release so that the media know all about our amazing new products.”


But please try not to act this way. Not only will you waste your time and resources, but you’ll also miss out on a great opportunity to generate new sales and third-party credibility you simply cannot buy.


Instead, try to think about your publicity efforts when you write your business plan:


        Develop creative PR strategies and tactics to reach your goals.

        Create timelines for all of your PR efforts

        Use your PR efforts to support your marketing activities


There are many ways to garner good media attention rather than just sending out a press release (give a specific media member an exclusive story,  throw an unusual event pertinent to your target audience, team with a larger business or charity and share resources and budgets, etc.)

And it does take more effort and work…but nobody said that starting and growing a new business would be easy.


…So the next time you get the urge to send out a press release, or just pay for someone to do it for you, please stop and think.


Are you efforts really worthwhile?


Maybe you just need to do some research, be a little more creative or make a few calls to the right reporters?

And I promise it will be worth the extra effort. Not only will you save time and money, but you may just see a big boost in new customers sales…fast!


If you need help with your PR and online copywriting needs, please feel free to send me your comments below or visit I’m here to help! Thanks!

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