Does direct mail make sense in a web 2.0 world?

Yes, it does! In addition to email marketing, sending postcards to your clients is a tactic proven by your peers to deliver results including building your prospect list and strengthening client relationships. Obviously, you can’t email contacts who have not opted in to your list, but you can send a postcard or direct mail piece to them!

Here’s how you do it:

1. Identify prospects and clients on your list whose records do not include an email addresses. And/ or grab a purchased or rented postal list. It might be a good idea to segment these by industry, business size or location.
2. Create an offer in exchange for the person’s email address. Examples of a compelling offers include a free financial check up for a CPA or financial consultant, a discounted service for a service company, or maybe a free appetizer for a new restaurant announcing a grand opening or change in menu.
3. Design a postcard with your offer and direct the recipient to sign-up for your email communications. Landing pages are great for this or you can ask them to call and give you their email.
4. If you use a landing page, make it simple. State the offer and collect only Full Name and Email Address in exchange for what was offered. Use a free opt-in form with your email marketing service provider to do this!
5. Then add these email addresses to your email marketing list and expand your email campaigns and client lists in a big way!

Be smart, make the right offer, keep it simple and you’ll continue to build your marketing lists over time!  You can easily create and send postcards from your browser with companies like VerticalResponse.

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