Does your business plan include blue jeans?

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It’s often quite fascinating to see how the mind of an entrepreneur jumps from one thought to another. Readers of this blog are familiar with how typical everyday events are the supporting content for what ends up written here.

Today I was reading an article in the Washington Post about Yahoo search running on all new Acer PCs and the author, of course, referenced Yahoo’s competitor Google. That got me thinking about differentiating your small business from the competition, which reminded me of the strategy of creating a culture to attract superstar talent to your team in order to grow a successful small business.

That thought reminded me of being purposeful in your ever-evolving business plan to include such culture statements. And finally I recalled a discussion going on right here in the StartupNation community about wearing blue jeans to work.

See how it all comes full circle and makes complete & total sense?

Hmm …

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