Entrepreneur Word of the Day: Energy

I woke up this morning after only 6 hours of sleep with the most energy I’ve had in years. Then I had a conversation with an entrepreneur in Las Vegas who manufactures kids energy drinks. Its now late afternoon, I’ve been running hard all day and I’m still rockin’!!

What’s up with all this energy??

Well, I’ve recently been diagnosed with severe sleep apnea because I stop breathing for 10 seconds or longer 39 times every hour all night long. This also comes with a heavy snoring condition – not ideal for a newlywed. So last night I spent a second night at a sleep study program – this time hooked up to a machine that keeps me from gasping for breath. How did I feel this morning?

Bing, bing, BING!!!!

I never realized how tired I was. Why am I telling you all of this? What does it mean to you as an entrepreneur?

We have GOT to take care of ourselves physically in order to be at our best for our business. Not sleeping well? Not getting your heart rate up several times a week in a cardio exercise? You’re cheating your business out of the number one best resource it has – you.

This one’s an easy challenge to overcome. Just do it.

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