Getting Engaged to Entrepreneurship

Well, it happened again. I had the best intentions to go into management consulting following my recent departure from Charisma Arts, but it seems like I’ll be starting another business. Just can’t escape it!

I was discussing this last night with a new friend who is at PriceWaterhouseCoopers. She is a Senior Manager there but has always wanted to do the entrepreneurship thing. She told me that she is looking for just the right opportunity. The perfect opportunity, in fact. Otherwise, the risk:reward calculus doesn’t work for her.

Coincidentally, we’d been talking about marriage just prior to this. I believe that for most people, there are three or four people who they meet in their lives with whom they could see themselves married. Are these people "soulmates"? A few of them, perhaps. But for more people than not, it is a matter of picking a partner, committing 100% to your decision, and staying the course.

Similarly, I think that it is rare to find a business venture that is a perfect fit in every way. For every Google or Oracle, there are thousands of other opportunities that are made into successful business because the founder committed 100% to making it happen. Entrepreneurial ventures become successful in part because of the opportunity, but much moreso because of the entrepreneur.

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