Happy New Year!

Kindergarten began this week and I’m hoping that it means I have more time to spend building my company. So far, it has meant more trips to Target and bigger piles on my desk. My life is changing and I’m anxious to see how it changes my work. My schedule is in a state of disarray because I’m reorganizing my day.

Part of being an entrepreneur is rolling with the waves. Right now, my goal is to avoid crashing into the sand head first! Here are my new priorities: Clean off my desk! Spend most the few quiet hours I now have each day working. Fit the following things into my schedule: Start each day with a little yoga. Swim a mile three times a week. Volunteer an hour working in the classroom each week. Cook real food from scratch on a regular basis.

Man, if I can do all that, I’ll be surfing!

If you work at home and have children, I’d love to hear your plan for improving your business and your life as the school year begins. I see this as a realistic time to make and keep resolutions. What are yours?

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