I”ll Tell Two People and They”ll Tell Two People

Brandi, who sells big and tall men’s clothing, was an inspiring guest on the StartupNation radio show talking about her EBay store. My fellow blogger, Joel, also wrote about how she created her company so she could spend more time with her son. But something else struck me about her story. I couldn’t help repeating to my friends how she “found her niche” by selling odds and ends on EBay, then discovered that people in many other countries have trouble finding large clothing. She found out because one man e-mailed her and told her so. If you didn’t hear her, you should give it a listen. Joel expounded upon her life-plan-first attitude as an inspiration, but I want to tell you another story, about how StartupNation is a place where you can learn new things, pass them on, and create believers in the magic of entrepreneurship. I mean it.

First, Brandi inspired my friend to click on the international mailing option when selling her husbands old suits. She got responses from around the world. It was fun for her. It was an education. It was like a light bulb going off in her head. And she made money too. The international shopper was willing to spend more to get something they wanted that wasn’t readily available in their micro-market.

I’d love to know what you’ve learned here at StartupNation.com. And what you’ve shared with others. Share the magic.

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