Innovative Idea: Give Tours

I sign up for a lot of newsletters because I like to know what’s going on, what people I used to work with are up to, and it helps spark the Idea Mill.

I worked with Jerry Shereshewsky back in ’97 at Yoyodyne and (among other interesting andecdotes) I remember then he mentioned a desire to form a .com around grandparents – and he’s done just that.

Their most recent newsletter feature this week is on 10 Cool Factory Tours you can take your grandkids to see. The call to action is ” Show your grandkids where delicious candy and some of their other favorite things are made.”

Gibson Guitar Factory Tour in Memphis, Tenn.
Gibson Guitar Factory Tour in Memphis, Tenn.

Sort of re emphasizes the “experience marketing” idea from my previous post.

What ways can small businesses invite their customers to learn more about what they provide? How do you reach out and develop relationships in your community?

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