Interview with Newt Barrett, Author of “Get Content. Get Customers.” Part 2

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Thanks so much for joining us for Part 2 of our interview with Newt Barrett of “Get Content. Get Customers.”  If you missed Part 1, please click here to Read Part 1.

Heather: You mention several content types in your book such as print publications, magazines, newsletters, white papers, websites, blogs, webcasts, and eNewsletters. I actually read your book during a major overhaul of my company eNewsletter. I integrated several of the tips you included in your book. I’m thankful for all your incredible feedback and wanted to share with everyone our before and after. The newsletter serves as a great example of your book in action.

Glamajama Newsletter Before

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One of the things that surprised me about the re-launch was how much I enjoyed writing the eNewsletter. It was really nice to have some fun with it and use the opportunity to reach out to our customers. I think our customers agreed as we had quite a few hits on our blog with an average time spent of 9 minutes, doubled our number of Facebook fans, and made some sales. While I don’t think our sales were higher than normal, I do believe we accomplished our goal of strengthening our connection with our customers. Best of all, I’m actually looking forward to writing the newsletters each month.

Heather: Finally, as entrepreneurs navigate this “Content Revolution”, what is the most important thing for them to understand?

Newt: I think the most important thing is to change your mindset. Stop thinking like an advertiser and start thinking like a publisher. Publishers are more in tune with their customers and write directly for them. They become a trusted resource for delivering useful and high quality information. Customers need to have that same relationship with the businesses that provide their products and services. It’s all about trust. I suggest businesses use surveys to make sure they are actually solving their group’s problems and to create editorial calendars for their content to stay on track for the year.

Heather:  Thanks so much for all your insight Newt.  I also wanted to share with everyone Newt’s website, .  The site is a great resource for more tips on how to incorporate content marketing into your overall marketing strategy.

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