Movie lines that motivate the entrepreneur

Starting a business is hard. Yes, we believe that everyone should own their own business. Yes, it’s actually easier than ever before as the internet has changed everything. The average cost to start a business these days is only $6,000 – that’s extremely do-able!

But nobody ever said it was easy. That’s why we believe so heartily in creating your Life Plan before you put together a Business Plan. You see, in creating your dream life if your business fits into your overall plan for your life then you will much more likely weather the certain storms that come with entrepreneurship. Because nobody ever said it was easy.

Ok – here’s the tee-up for one of my favorite movie lines from one of my favorite movies,

It’s supposed to be hard.
If it was easy everyone would do it.
It’s the hard that makes it great.

Tom Hanks speaking to Geena Davis in A League of Their Own

This particular movie line is displayed prominently in my office. It reminds me that anything worth doing is going to have its challenges and that the key to success is embracing those challenges and persevering.

That’s where the life plan before business plan becomes an effective practical business strategy. If I enjoy what I’m doing, I’ll work harder at persevering. But if I’m only in it for the money, my enthusiasm will wane when I encounter roadblocks. Oh, maybe I’ll make it through the first several inevitable challenges, but ultimately even a talented entrepreneur will lose steam if they aren’t passionate about what they’re doing.

Do you have a favorite movie line or other saying that motivates you? I’d like to hear it. Post your comment below. It doesn’t even have to be especially eloquent as long as it comes from the heart. Just listen to Sylvester Stallone proposing to Talia Shire in Rocky,

I wonder if you wouldn’t mind marrying me very much.

Yo Adrian.

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