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To follow up on a previous post requesting feedback on topics and offering to highlight members of the community, I learned of—a company based on an invention by Lisa Charleston. Lisa started in 2004 after being laid off from a nursing job in a home-hospice facility. She transitioned into being a stay at home mom working on a mission – to keep beds dry. Together with her husband Carl, Lisa invented the Night Helper Watch Time Pieces.

Lisa believes that the Night Helper Watch is the answer that millions of sufferers need now more than ever, since it is the only device like it in the world.  Worn like a watch, the wearer can set the alarm for multiple times during the day and night, not just once or twice, but as many times as needed. This design patented ability is important as it draws the wearer’s attention. When the alarm goes off, a special customized tune can be programmed to play. It also vibrates, while the multi-colored display lights up the watch face. The Night Helper Watch isn’t just for children and adults who suffer from Nocturnal Enuresis.

The Challenge? The Opportunity?
In America, seven million school aged children and four million adults suffer daily from Nocturnal Enuresis or what is otherwise known as bed-wetting. These numbers alone do not cover adults who experience Nocturnal Enuresis because of disease, psychological disorders, age, war trauma, physical trauma and/or mental disorders. This brief overlay describes about thirteen million people in the United States alone. Lisa Charleston, a lifelong health care worker, mother of three and a grandmother as well, has created an ingenious yet simple solution to help those afflicted by this embarrassing condition: the Night Helper Watch, referred to as the Potty Watch.

The Night Helper Watch gives back the user’s dignity, peace of mind, self sufficiency and control over bed-wetting problems. Used as a training medium, Nocturnal Enuresis can be completely eliminated. That is Lisa’s and Carl’s vision, to free sufferers from a life of worry and indignity. As a long time health care worker and a caring individual, Lisa Charleston has a strong desire to aid and support sufferers from a disturbingly frequent malady (that will become more widespread as the LIS population grows). More than seven million children are born every year and with Americans living longer than ever before the need for a real solution is now, and the answer is the Night Helper Watch Time Pieces, for both Medication Reminders and the Potty Watch system.

Two asks Lisa has of the community:
–          Marketing How To’s
–          Funding How To’s; She is currently accepting donations through paypal

EMAIL: [email protected]

Here is a bit from my interview with Lisa from….

How do you define success?
Setting up goals and achieving them would be defining success.

How did you fund your business in the beginning?
Seeking funding help now. 

What’s the happiest moment you’ve ever had in your business?
Seeing my business reach certain goals. Websites, CAD drawings ,  product animations etc.

Do you ever think about giving up and getting a job?
Never…giving up would be to easy… You see A Dream Is Only As Big As The Dreamer, I’m A Big Dreamer!

Are you happy?
Yes, Even when days look bad I still carry a positive attitude for having positive energy helps to bring positive results.

Where will your business be in a year? In 10 years?
In many retail stores serving all the millions of users who suffers from incontinence. 

If someone who was about to start a business asked you for advice, what would you say?
Never give up no matter what the challenges may be, always seek professional advice from many sources.

What makes you get up in the morning?
Determination and the Grace of God!

Tell me about a time when what you do made a difference in someone’s life?
When many parents email me seeking advice about bed wetting  and I’m able to help.

What’s important about that to YOU?
Well knowing that I can  give a parent and a child a little comfort about bed wetting is Priceless to me!

When or how did you know that this is what you wanted to do?
I knew this business was what I wanted to do after I became disabled from a serve back injury. As they say God may close one door but he always opens up another!

What have you learned from failure?
To just get back up and start again seeking better ways to improve in my life and business.

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