Vision to Venture webcast is live!

Here’s a link to the webcast of my 8 Secrets to Startup Success.

Throughout April and into early May, I was on a seminar tour with the folks at Microsoft Office Live Small Business. The tour, Vision to Venture (aimed at women entrepreneurs), was a huge success. Hundreds of people showed up in St. Louis, San Diego, Miami, Austin and at the culminating event in Redmond, Washington at the Microsoft conference center.

My 45-minute speech, which you can watch online at your leisure, focused on “8 Overlooked Secrets to Startup Success,” included the following pointers:

  • Respect the 2x Factor, which outlined how things often take twice as long and cost twice as much as you planned for;
  • Focus but Be Flexible, which outlined the importance of channeling all of your energy toward one project, and a primary strategy, but be willing to fess up and change your focus if things are just not working the way you expected;
  • Align Interests, which underscored the value and tactics of getting the best out of everyone associated with your business;
  • Giving a Great Elevator Pitch, which is critical if you’re ever going to get people excited enough to invest or buy or join you – whatever you’re seeking from them. 

These are just some of the 8 I cover. I’d love to get your feedback on all of them. After you watch the webcast, let me know if you have other secrets to add other than those I included.

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