What’s OUT! What’s IN! The ‘Wayne Gretzky’ Small Business Trend Spotting Strategy

Out: heal-hurting leather-soled dress shoes
Out: Clothes
Out: Web 1.0

In: run-through-the-airport rubber-soled dress shoes
In: Working from a home office via computer
In: Web 2.0

Out: Tanning beds
Out: Thinking out of the box
Out: business devices with a cord (including white cords)

In: Healthy tanning……….Sunless tanning, spray or lotion!
In: Not allowing yourself to be put in a box in the first place
In: wireless business devices

One of the keys to building a successful business is being able to identify upcoming trends. I call it ‘The Wayne Gretzky Strategy‘. Gretzky said that he could see in his mind where the hockey puck was going to be three passes into the future, and he just went to that spot on the ice. It put him in a position to score.

Small business owners have to do the same thing. The good news is that you can! Gretzky spent some serious time strategically thinking about the future. His future was only seconds away. You likely have more time to plan than that, but you have to be purposeful in your strategy. Set aside time to ponder and recognize what is going on around you and ask yourself how you can take advantage of it.

The StartupNation community is doing that and you can tap into their insights. All of the Out’s & In’s listed above have been posted in a forum topic. Include this resource in your strategic thinking. It’ll help you sharpen your prognosticating skills, and pave the way for your success as an entrepreneur.

Out: Cable/DSL internet
In: Fiber to the home

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