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Joel Welsh, Chief Community Officer, is also the CEO of a new startup company ... Showcase U. Joel shares behind the scenes key decisions being made in the "Birth of a Startup" and knocks it out of the park to provide his own entrepreneurial wisdom.

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Guess what?? I got a fever!

And the only prescription …

Is more Cowbell!!

Ohhh YES !!!!! The contributions that the late night tv show “Saturday Night Live” have made to our society are so bountiful! As we’re heading into the long Memorial Day weekend, I’m beginning to get into a festive mood. My mind has wandered to actor Christopher Walken and the Cowbell skit.

As always here at StartupNation, we never ever stop thinking about entrepreneurship, so combining the need for MORE COWBELL with starting & growing your dream business is simply inevitable.

For a refresher (or if, God forbid, you’ve never seen it) on the “I need more Cowbell” skit, check out the video. (fair warning – it’s 6 minutes long, so budget accordingly – but oh so worth the coffee break!!)

Your small business needs more Cowbell. What does that mean? In the skit, it’s the strange, wacky & unexpected clamoring of the relentless Cowbell sound that sets the Blue Oyster Cult song “Don’t Fear the Reaper” apart. The Cowbell makes it distinctive ….. memorable …. special, even.

You need that as a small business. It’s actually something that you have going for you as an advantage over bigger businesses. Like in the skit, you can listen to the counsel of your advisory board (Christopher Walken) and make fast adjustments to your product (Will Ferrell) so that your customer (me) ends up blogging about it.

So here’s my message to all you entrepreneurs,

I’m tellin’ ya’ … fellas … You’re gonna want that Cowbell!!

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