Affordable Benefits that Attract and Retain Startup Talent in 2024

In the fast-paced world of startups, attracting and retaining top talent requires innovative benefits that stand out. We’ve gathered insights from CEOs and Founders, among others, to share one benefit they believe is key. From offering “Think Tank Thursdays” for growth to attracting talent with sustainability-focused marketing, explore 14 unique perks that could give your startup the edge.

  • Offer “Think Tank Thursdays” for Growth
  • Cultivate a Creative Workplace Culture
  • Provide Regular Mental Health Days
  • Opportunities for Rapid Growth and Advancement
  • Embrace Remote Work Flexibility
  • Create a Clear Career Progression Plan
  • Experience Ground-Breaking Work Impact
  • Give Real Stake in Product Growth
  • Promote Innovation Through Fellowship Programs
  • Highlight Upskilling and Internal Mobility
  • Accelerate Career Growth and Advancement
  • Train for Work-Life Balance and Productivity
  • Flexible Working Arrangements Attract Talent
  • Attract Talent with Sustainability-Focused Marketing

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Offer ‘Think Tank Thursdays’ for Growth

People join startups because they like the rush, they like building from scratch, and they have the entrepreneurial spirit, without all the risk. To keep these amazing people, it’s really important to offer them learning and development perks. They are hungry to learn and grow. 

I think a bonus, and one that doesn’t cost much, would be to allow them to build their entrepreneurial skills. You can call it ‘Think Tank Thursdays,’ where the founders and all team members come together to come up with business ideas that help their current mission.

Brianna Rooney, CEO, Thriversity

Cultivate a Creative Workplace Culture

To attract and retain top talent, it’s essential to create an environment where innovation thrives and creativity flourishes. By cultivating a culture that fosters collaboration and embraces experimentation, employees feel empowered to think outside the box and take calculated risks. This atmosphere of creativity not only attracts forward-thinking individuals but also nurtures their professional growth and fulfillment. 

Furthermore, by providing opportunities for employees to contribute innovative ideas and see their impact, you foster a sense of ownership and investment in the company’s success. Ultimately, a creative and collaborative workplace becomes a magnet for talent, driving engagement, retention, and organizational excellence.

Viola Eva, Founder, Flow SEO

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Provide Regular Mental Health Days

A day off here and there is a big one. Mental health is becoming more important for businesses and employees. We’re realizing that happy and healthy employees are more productive and better at what they do.

A day off once a month or every two weeks is a huge benefit, especially for a start-up. You likely don’t have the funds yet to invest in programs that offer transportation and lifestyle stipends. But by offering your employees time to rest, you give them time to recharge and show that you care about their well-being.

You’ll have to manage time-off requests, of course. Spread them apart so that your employees don’t all take off in one day. Luckily, scheduling is really easy when you’ve got a good employee-scheduling platform. Employees and managers can see and adjust the schedule in a way that’s good for business and your people.

Alex Tilici, Founder, Virtual Staging

Opportunities for Rapid Growth and Advancement

One benefit that startups can offer to attract and retain top talent in today’s dynamic landscape is the opportunity for rapid growth and advancement. Startups often provide an environment where employees can take on diverse responsibilities, learn quickly, and make a significant impact, which can be appealing to ambitious professionals seeking career development. 

Additionally, startups tend to have more flexible work arrangements and a strong sense of camaraderie, fostering a supportive and collaborative workplace culture that can further enhance employee retention.

Vit Koval, Co-Founder, Globy

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Embrace Remote Work Flexibility

Everyone knows startups no longer have to be located in Silicon Valley. With the exorbitant cost of living in San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles, startups should embrace allowing their talent to work from anywhere. With digital nomad visas popping up everywhere, from Spain to Colombia to Indonesia, young people want the opportunity to travel and work from abroad. 

Sure, time zones can be challenging, but as I write, our company has people working from India, Thailand, Costa Rica, and Panama. We don’t babysit people; they are judged strictly on performance and the effectiveness of their communication. In my experience, this is how top talent wants to be managed!

Matt Wilson, CEO, Under30Experiences

Create a Clear Career Progression Plan

Offering a clear career progression plan is essential. In my view, this is a standout way for startups to draw and keep the best talent. It’s not just about the job they start with; it’s about where they see themselves going. A well-defined path shows that we value their growth and development, which, in turn, fosters loyalty and satisfaction. This approach has been pivotal in building my team at Omniconvert. We ensure every team member understands not just their current role but also their potential future within the company.

I’ve seen firsthand how motivating a transparent future can be. When individuals join our team, we discuss their ambitions and how we can achieve them together. This openness creates a bond of trust and a shared vision for success. It is more than a strategy; it’s a testament to our investment in each person’s future. This unique benefit is critical for startups wanting to stand out in a competitive landscape, attract bright minds, and secure their long-term commitment.

Valentin Radu, CEO, Founder, Blogger, Speaker, and Podcaster, Omniconvert

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Experience Ground-Breaking Work Impact

I believe one of the biggest draws startups can offer is the chance to be part of something truly ground-breaking. Sure, established companies have their perks, but here, you’ll get to roll up your sleeves, make a real impact, and see your ideas come to life. It’s an exciting, fast-paced environment where you can grow alongside the company. For the right person, that kind of hands-on experience and ownership is invaluable.

Kimberley Tyler-Smith, VP of Strategy and Growth, Resume Worded

Give Real Stake in Product Growth

Startups have a secret weapon for drawing in and keeping amazing people: giving them a real stake in the product’s growth and the freedom to own their work. It’s like saying, “Hey, you see this cool thing we’re building? You can help steer where it goes and grow with it.”

It’s all about making a big impact and being in the driver’s seat of innovation. For folks wanting to make waves in tech, that’s a pretty sweet deal.

John Xie, Co-Founder and CEO, Taskade

Promote Innovation Through Fellowship Programs

Employees can apply for fellowship programs whereby they propose projects that fit the company’s goals or areas of interest. If I am selected, I will receive an allowance; there will be mentors and support from their businesses to turn my ideas into reality.

This initiative promotes, among others, innovation and creativity in the company and, at the same time, allows employees to take charge of their work and be part of the company’s success. Innovation Fellowships not only attract highly skilled individuals who are eager to make a difference but also retain them in the organization by providing routes for personal and professional development.

By investing in their employees’ ideas and passions, startups can create a dynamic and agile workforce that can fire up innovation and position the company ahead in today’s competitive business environment.

Gavon Burkdull, CEO and Co-Founder, Zestain

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Highlight Upskilling and Internal Mobility

My best advice for startups looking to attract and retain talent is to play to the inherent strengths of the startup model. While you might not be able to compete with larger employers on points like salary, benefits, or prestige, a startup environment does offer a lot of hands-on skill and knowledge-building opportunities, which also often translates to ready avenues for advancement within the company.

In larger enterprises, each role tends to be more defined and distinct, and it can be challenging for people in these organizations to find opportunities to expand their skills or role beyond these prescribed boundaries. A startup is the opposite. It’s common for each individual to wear multiple hats over the course of their time with the company, and that can be a definite benefit for the right kind of employee. In fact, if you emphasize this as a benefit, you’ll be more likely to attract people who want to work in this kind of dynamic environment. That can boost your retention, as well, because the people you hire will be more likely to be individuals who will thrive in your workplace.

When crafting job descriptions, emphasize any upskilling, reskilling, or other professional development opportunities you offer to employees. Along with this, make note of internal mobility that you plan to offer, or that employees in the organization already have access to. By making these benefits clear in the job posting, you’ll be more likely to attract the kind of growth-oriented professionals who are most likely to stay with a startup for the long term.

Jon Hill, Chairman and CEO, The Energists

Accelerate Career Growth and Advancement

In my experience, one advantage that startups can offer to attract and retain top talent in today’s dynamic landscape is the opportunity for rapid career growth and advancement. Unlike larger corporations, where progression may be slower and more structured, startups often provide employees with the chance to take on diverse responsibilities, tackle new challenges, and make a significant impact early in their careers. 

Reflecting on my own experiences, this accelerated growth trajectory can be highly appealing to ambitious individuals like myself who are seeking opportunities for professional development and rapid career progression. By emphasizing the potential for learning, skill-building, and career advancement, startups can attract top talent who are eager to contribute to the company’s success while also advancing their own careers.

Henry Allen, Digital Marketing Manager, Loyalty Lion

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Train for Work-Life Balance and Productivity

Time is one of our most valuable resources, yet how to manage it is not something we learn in school. This leads to stress, burnout, lower-quality work, and employee turnover.

When organizations offer time management and work-life balance training, instead of making the employee find and pay for it on their own, they are sending the message that they care about the people working for them. Not only does this ensure higher productivity and better work, but it also establishes loyalty and a stronger bond between the employee and employer.

Samantha Lane, Time Management Consultant and Keynote Speaker, Origami Day

Flexible Working Arrangements Attract Talent

Startups can offer flexible working arrangements like remote or part-time options for a few reasons:

  1. Work-Life Balance: People value their time and freedom. Flexible arrangements allow employees to manage their work around their personal lives, leading to happier and more productive workers. Personally, I’ve seen this firsthand—employees feel more motivated and committed when they have control over their schedules.
  1. Access to Global Talent Pool: Remote work breaks down geographical barriers, enabling startups to tap into a broader talent pool. By hiring remotely, companies can access top talent from around the world, not just limited to their local area. This is especially crucial for startups aiming to scale quickly and compete in specialized niches.
  1. Cost Savings: Remote work can help both employers and employees. Startups can reduce overhead costs associated with office space and utilities, while employees save on commuting time and energy. This mutually beneficial arrangement often leads to higher job satisfaction and loyalty.
  1. Increased Productivity: Contrary to conventional belief, remote work can actually boost productivity. Without the distractions and interruptions of a traditional office setting, employees can focus better and accomplish tasks more efficiently. Plus, with the freedom to work when and where they’re most comfortable, employees are often more motivated to excel.
  1. Employee Autonomy and Trust: Flexible arrangements demonstrate trust in employees’ abilities to manage their own time and workload. This autonomy fosters a culture of accountability and empowerment, which in turn cultivates a loyal and dedicated workforce. Trust me, I’ve seen teams thrive when given the freedom to own their work schedules.

Jayen Ashar, CTO, Scaleup Consulting

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Attract Talent with Sustainability-Focused Marketing

I have personally witnessed the power of our sustainability-focused marketing in attracting and retaining top talent. Sustainability isn’t just something we talk about; it’s at the core of who we are as a brand. When we create our marketing materials, we want to connect with people who care deeply about protecting the environment. 

By showcasing our dedication to sustainability through our marketing channels, we effectively communicate our values and attract like-minded individuals who share our vision. In our recruitment process, we seek out candidates who not only possess the necessary skills but also align with our mission of promoting eco-friendly practices. This ensures that our team is composed of individuals who are deeply committed to our cause, building a collaborative and purpose-driven work environment. 

One great example is our social media campaign. We talked about how we’re cutting down on plastic waste with cool new products. This caught the eye of people who care about the planet and also talented folks looking for meaningful work. Shreya, a smart marketer, saw our campaign and reached out. 

She loved our mission and had great ideas to help us grow. Her work has really helped us spread the word and make a bigger impact. Her passion and creativity fit right in with our team. This example shows how our marketing not only brings in talented folks but also brings us all together to make a difference.

Swayam Doshi, Founder, Suspire

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