It Still Smells at StartupNation HQ

Entrepreneurs need those unique and unexpected diversions in order to shake them out of their daily intensity and provide a proper perspective and the proverbial “looking at things from a different angle”.

The good news is that we model that kind of activity here at StartupNation headquarters. Our team is made up of some of the smartest and dedicated and focused and creative and organized and driven people on the planet. Slackers need not apply.

So in the midst of all this brainpower it’s quite refreshing when Jessica multiplies instead of divides and ends up microwaving her egg rolls 4 times the proper number of minutes. The result? A gagging stench that brought our upstairs neighbors coughing at our back door wondering if we were ok and needed the fire rescue team. This happened yesterday morning just before lunch and Chuck proclaimed yet today that he can no longer bring in his lunch to heat in the microwave as it is ruined for life. We’re all eating out for the rest of our lives.

Or a few weeks ago, when Brian was so focused and driven and – well …. focused, that he stepped six inches deep into a freshly poured concrete sidewalk on his way from our North office to our South office (right next door) for an important impromptu “I’m gonna kick some tail” meeting. Oh, you shoulda’ seen the deep crater in the sidewalk – it was a beautiful thing.

I could go on, and maybe I will in a future Friday blog, but the point is that as entrepreneurs we absolutely need to laugh at ourselves to maintain our drive to succeed – to be the best in the world at what we do. (OK, maybe I enjoy laughing at my teammates more than myself, but you get the picture.)

Happy Friday. I hope you lock your keys in your car and giggle uncontrollably this weekend.

(by the way, Jessica also broke her home microwave last night – seriously. I swear. That’s too funny)

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