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budgeting and strategic borrowing
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5 Ways to Make Budgeting and Strategic Borrowing Easier

Over the nearly 40 years I’ve either owned or otherwise worked in a small business, I’ve observed that even businesses that might not be considered “seasonal” in the traditional sense ebb and flow over the course of the year, creating times when capital becomes tight and the cash flow pinch can cause an otherwise healthy...
cash flow
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What You Need to Know About Managing Cash Flow Post-COVID-19

Poor cash flow management has rung the death knell for many small businesses over the years, making successful cash flow management a very important part of building a sustainable business. Like many business owners, 20 years ago when I was running my own business, I didn’t take my entrepreneurial leap because I was particularly excited...
cash flow
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How Fintech is Helping Startups with Their Cash Flow

Have you ever considered how your inability to access cash when you need it is impacting the growth of your business? Even if your startup is profitable and performing well, just imagine what you could do if your cash could circulate faster. Far from just restricting growth, the failure to manage cash flow properly is...
accounting tools
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4 Budget-Friendly Accounting Tools for Entrepreneurs

Small business accounting tools can be a lifesaver for all entrepreneurs. Let’s be honest: accounting and bookkeeping are not only the most tedious task for owners, but it’s also your least favorite task. So, if you can automate some of the processes and spend less time engaging in such a daunting task, why not? Small...
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Accounting Errors Small Business Owners Make in the First Year

I’ve worked in accounting my whole career, so I can say this without shedding a tear: hardly anybody starts a business because they love balancing books. (Some of us do, sure, but we’re the minority). Accounting is a necessary evil and, when put up against all the other demands of getting a business off the...
Cash flow
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6 Ways to Improve the Cash Flow of Your Business

Unfortunately, most startups experience cash flow problems at one time or another. In some of these cases, cash flow problems could have been prevented if the business owner had taken some steps ahead of time. Below, find six ways that you can improve your cash flow and prevent future problems. Invoice properly and use an acceptance...
Startup profitable
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10 Keys to Making Your Startup Profitable

Everyone who starts a new business knows they need to make it profitable. No new business can run forever on savings, investor capital and loans, so it is vital that every new business owner has a workable plan and a timetable for becoming profitable. Simply put, business profits occur when business income is greater than business...