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Side Hustles E-Book with StartupNation Originals Video with Chris Guillebeau

StartupNation’s ultimate guide to side hustles offers key insights into everything you need to know to start a lucrative side business or freelance gig. Click HERE to download StartupNation’s FREE “Side Hustles” e-book! Download the FREE Side Hustles e-book to learn: 10 steps to start a side hustle (while working a full-time job) How to turn your...
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15 Books That Every Entrepreneur Should Read During the Pandemic

The dog days of summer are here, which means prime reading time. While the warmer weather continues to beckon us outdoors (while still practicing social distancing, of course) and most of us find ourselves with a bit more free time due to the pandemic, it feels as though there is more time to hit the...
side hustle
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Idea to Income: Your 27-Day Plan to Side Hustle Success

Author, speaker and entrepreneur, Chris Guillebeau, is the host of the Side Hustle School podcast and the author of several bestselling books, including "The $100 Startup" and "Born for This." In his book, "Side Hustle," Guillebeau teaches you how to get your side hustle idea out into the world and make a profit in less...
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10 Life-Changing Books Every Side Hustler Needs to Read

As an entrepreneur, I’m a big advocate of using books to level up my game for one simple reason: a $20 business book is one of the least expensive crash-course educations you can get today. For the cost of a decent dinner, you can get a book that may change your life. The following books...
Side Hustle School
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Entrepreneur Chris Guillebeau’s Formula for Creating a Side Hustle in 27 Days

Author, speaker and entrepreneur Chris Guillebeau is best known for his renowned books, "The $100 Startup" and "The Art of Non-Conformity." He is also an expert travel hacker, and host of the annual World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon. In 2017, he embarked on a new project, Side Hustle School. His latest book, "Side Hustle: From Idea to Income...
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StartupNation’s 2nd Annual Year in Review: 2017 Edition

Last year, we promised to bring more video content to the eyes of our readers, and boy, did we deliver! This year, StartupNation produced four exclusive StartupNation Originals video content series (with two more in the works for early 2018). As always, we aimed to provide you with content that interests entrepreneurs, startups and small business...
Born for This
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Born for This: Improve Your Skills, Increase Your Value [Book Excerpt]

One of the many keys to succeeding as an entrepreneur lies in focusing not just on improving your skills, but improving the right skills, according to author, entrepreneur and speaker, Chris Guillebeau. Understanding and repositioning your skills by making a list of the things you do well, as well as a list of what you...
Renaissance Business
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How to Be Everything: The Renaissance Business Method [Book Excerpt]

The following is excerpted from "How to Be Everything: A Guide for Those Who (Still) Don't Know What They Want to Be When They Grow Up" by Emilie Wapnick. Copyright @2017 by Emilie Wapnick, published by HarperOne, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. Starting a business The easiest way to work for a boss who lets...
Chris Guillebeau
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Unlocking the Secrets of the $100 Startup with Chris Guillebeau

StartupNation had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Guillebeau, author of "The $100 Startup." In writing the book, Guillebeau identified 1,500 individuals who have built businesses earning $50,000 or more from a modest investment. The book covers the 50 most intriguing case studies from this group. Guillebeau is a master at turning ideas into income, which then supports...
The Unmistakable Creative
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The Unmistakable Creative on Why Best Practices are Your Worst Enemy [Book Excerpt]

The excerpt below was selected specifically for StartupNation's audience from "UNMISTAKABLE: Why Only Is Better Than Best," by Srinivas Rao, host of popular podcast the Unmistakable Creative, with permission of Portfolio, an imprint of Penguin Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Random House LLC. Copyright © Srinivas Rao, 2016. Those who choose to follow a map...