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7 Scaling Hacks to Unlock Startup Growth

Most entrepreneurs understand that, no matter how good their idea, startup ventures are inherently risky. However, it might be surprising to learn that, according to certain studies, the startup failure rate is over 50 percent after five years, and rises to 70 percent after 10 years. Of course, there’s no magic-bullet formula for success, and...
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Hiring the Right Person:12 Tips for Your Start-up

12 Tips for Hiring the Right Person for your Start-up Managing a start-up would force any one to take on different job descriptions. One of these new challenges would be learning to become a manager of human resources. In other words, an entrepreneur with a start-up will need to learn about hiring the right people....
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How Do You Know?

In response to my post on Delusional People Nikole asked: "I now have employees, who are representatives of my name, working for me. And how do I know they are going to do the best job possible?" Her question about "how do I know" is a great one! Here at PFL we have been talking...
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I've recently had to deal with some delusional employees. In all three cases, they thought that they were top performers, worth double or more their current compensation. This, even though two of the three had been here for less than a year, and had average performance at best. But they had told themselves stories. In...
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Do you have a People Strategy?

I'm a big believer in "first who, then what." (From the wonderful book Good to Great) This means that having great people in place is more important than having a super-duper strategy. Why? If you have a great strategy but you don't have the people who can execute on that strategy, you're out of luck....
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Character matters more than skills when hiring good employees

Experience is highly over rated. So says the 2006 Stanford Business School Entrepreneurship Conference panel of recent graduates, venture capitalists, and established entrepreneurs. I agree. This character over skills argument applies to both the entrepreneurs who are starting a business (you don't necessarily need to have experience in a business to be successful at it)...