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5 Pro LinkedIn Tips for Entrepreneurs

If you’re not utilizing LinkedIn to network, build and grow your brand, you’re missing out on an essential resource. According to Hootsuite, in 2019, 30 million companies were on LinkedIn (and that number is constantly growing) – so why not yours? For a technology software company like mine, LinkedIn has been a powerful tool for...
freelance clients
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How to Find and Win Your First Freelance Clients

Given the current economic climate, you may be considering starting up a freelance gig. There’s no denying that times are hard, to say the least: the International Labour Organization expects the COVID-19 pandemic to wipe out the labor equivalent of 195 million full-time workers around the world. If your job security is shaky and you...
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How to Use LinkedIn to Promote and Grow Your Business

Does your company have a LinkedIn presence beyond your personal profile? It should. Even if you consider your business to be a “customer-first” outfit, a professional online network is essential. Regardless of size or stage, an astonishing 30 million companies maintain a profile on LinkedIn. In fact, 90 percent of executives report picking LinkedIn as...
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3 Business Owners Killing it on LinkedIn (and How You Can Too)

Social media marketing is something that nearly every business, startup, or entrepreneur feels like they must be doing in order to be successful in the online landscape. While Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the frontrunners, there are other networks that can provide you with a massive ROI for your time invested. Like LinkedIn.  It’s nowhere near as saturated...
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7 Ways to Find a Mentor (and Why Having One is Vital to Your Startup’s Success)

When you start a new business, you’re going to want to find a good mentor. Mentors are as close to a business success hack that exists: they can provide validation, encouragement, networking opportunities, perspective, industry-specific strategies, accountability and more. It’s no surprise then that studies connect mentorship to higher outcomes of success and more revenue...
personal branding
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The Growing Importance of Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs

For Spencer Rascoff, CEO of Zillow Group, personal branding through social media is a big part of a successful company. “I was focused on corporate culture before it was cool,” he told The New Yorker. “It’s common for me to walk out of a meeting and write on Twitter, ‘Just finished a great meeting with...
Guide to social media
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A Minimalist Guide to Social Media for Your Brand

We all have those periods in our lives where we’re spread thin. We’re working too hard, not sleeping enough, and just trying to cram one more task into our already busy schedules. A society that tells you that you can do anything has become a culture that tries to do everything. Our “everything” mentality has,...
Lead generation
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3 Quick Lead Generation Ideas That Every Startup Should Know

Startups are powered by passion, long hours of work and an overarching sense of mission – the sense that your idea has the potential to make a big difference in your market and in the world. But many startup founders struggle with sales, especially early on when they’re trying to find their market and figure...