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Facebook and the Reality of Privacy on Social Media

Originally published April 13, 2018. Social media forever changed the manner in which people interact with the world and communicate with one another. It also sparked a colossal shift in the ways that businesses market and advertise themselves. Facebook stands out as the clear leader in this space, with its massive global user base, expansive...
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4 Painless Ways to Secure Your Facebook Business Page

Originally published in 2018. Facebook is scrambling to recover after its most recent security breach, which put an estimated 50 million users' data at risk. That's 50 million people whose personal information could have fallen into the wrong hands. In light of the breach, Facebook took safety precautions securing an estimate 40 million users' data....
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Financing Made Simple: The Truth About Small Business Financing

How many times have you heard that it’s hard to get funding? It’s a common refrain and every entrepreneur has wondered how to better raise capital. The truth is that it’s not nearly as hard as you think. Here are some common myths about funding a business and how they don’t hold up in real...
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Straight Talk for Startups: Mastering the Fundamentals

The following is excerpted from "Straight Talk for Startups: 100 Insider Rules for Beating the Odds—From Mastering the Fundamentals to Selecting Investors, Fundraising, Managing Boards, and Achieving Liquidity" by Randy Komisar and Jantoon Reigersman. Copyright © 2018 by Randy Komisar and Jantoon Reigersman. Published on June 5, 2018 by Harper Business, an imprint of HarperCollins...
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How the Recent Facebook Algorithm Changes Will Affect Your Startup

Entrepreneurs can’t ignore the influence of social media on finding business online. Having a presence on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook isn’t optional anymore—it’s a crucial part of establishing your startup's identity. In fact, over 50 million small businesses use Facebook pages to connect with customers online. Facebook has always been one of the...
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You Don’t Need a Business Coach, You Need a Pro

It happens every time. Within moments of starting a conversation with successful startup founders and entrepreneurs (and over the years at Inc. magazine, I’ve interviewed and spoken with hundreds), they start talking about the people that helped them become successful. Their co-founders, their partners, their employees and the people who served as the inspiration for...
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Advice for Young Entrepreneurs (from a Young Entrepreneur)

Growing up, it always irritated me when I would read books and hear about teenagers, as young as 13 and 14, making millions by starting their own business. I started my own landscaping business at 14, and the best I ever did was rake in $30K when I was 16. It wasn’t until recently that...
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5 Millennial Entrepreneurs You Should Know About in 2017

Now that we’re more than halfway through 2017, it’s time for a little mid-year in review at the current entrepreneurial landscape. Most of us are more than familiar with what famous ‘treps like Mark Zuckerberg and Evan Spiegel are up to, but who’s making waves and on the up and coming list when it comes to millennial...
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3 Simple Steps to Measure the ROI of Facebook Ads

I'm not sure if Mark Zuckerberg had advertising in mind all along, or if Facebook's revenue model occurred as a natural development of its data. Over the years, it has become the most powerful social media platform to advertise on. The reason why is due to the granularity with which you can target your audience....