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Tips for Skiing Smoothly Through the Bumps of the Coronavirus Frenzy

COVID-19 signals a lot of fear. While there are many reasons for this fear, it is triggered in most of us because we have entered the unknown. We haven’t been through this before. We don’t know what to expect, and we don’t know exactly how this all turns out. But we have all been through...
cash flow
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How a Unique Approach to Cash Flow Has Helped This Architect Construct Her Business

Leslie Saul & Associates, Inc. is an architecture and interior design firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts that primarily services the greater Boston and Miami areas. The business focuses on renovations including offices, restaurants, retail stores, senior living facilities, private homes, universities, churches, and synagogues, among many other building types. Founder, Leslie Saul, says that having...
Angela Ficken business
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How This Psychotherapist Grew Her Own Business While Working Full-Time

Angela Ficken is an entrepreneur and psychotherapist. She owns the brand and runs a private practice in Boston, Mass. Through her business, Ficken specializes in providing individual therapy for people who have a range of stressors, including anxiety, eating disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorders. She also writes articles on managing these challenges for The Huffington...
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3 Challenges Every Entrepreneur Must Face and How to Overcome Them

The circumstances of starting a business vary greatly, depending on the business model. In my own entrepreneurial journey, I started out as a solopreneur with just my skills and my laptop. No matter how you start, there are a number of challenges every entrepreneur must face at some point. Here are some of the most...
Tarek and Christina El Moussa
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How 2 HGTV Entrepreneurs Overcame Major Co-Founder Discord

It’s one of the most common issues that startups face, and also one of the most destructive: discord and conflict between co-founders. In fact, research from the Harvard Business Review found that 65 percent of startups fail as a direct result of co-founder conflict. All too often, what starts as a seemingly minor disagreement can...
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How to Ride the Motivation Wave and Overcome Distraction

For 20 years, filmmaker Sooyong Park has devoted his life to the study, recording and preservation of the wild Siberian tiger. Two to three times a year, he leaves his family for months at a time to stay in the frozen forests of Eastern Russia, Manchuria and the Korean Peninsula in hopes of catching a...
Geek Girl Rising
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Women in Tech: Kickstart Your Dream with Confidence [Book Excerpt]

The following excerpt is from "Geek Girl Rising: Inside the Sisterhood Shaking up Tech" by Heather Cabot and Samantha Walravens. Copyright © 2017 by the authors and reprinted with permission of St. Martin's Press, LLC.  The segment below highlights the journey of female entrepreneur, Yunha Kim, co-founder of Locket, a company that transformed the way Android mobile phone users...
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Prep for CNBC’s The Big Idea

I've been appearing here and there on The Big Idea with Donny recently. Thought you might get a kick out of how the show comes together and the role of so-called experts (yours truly included) who are invited on the show. Below are the emailed questions I received from the producers in advance of my...
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‘I Have a Problem!’ (Or Do You?!)

Walk the halls of StartupNation and you feel like you're living in a case study about entrepreneurship. Just like you, we work hard everyday to grow our business--our DREAM business. We're smaller than you think. We have only a dozen (totally inspired) full-time people and another half dozen experts on contract. The output of our...
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Idealistic Naivete

Every now and then, I speak to an aspiring entrepreneur who is amazed by the daring feats of business-building we all read about here on StartupNation, in magazines such as Inc., and anywhere else a business is being built. They perceive a huge chasm between where they are and where we entrepreneurs sit. This couldn't...