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6 Reasons Why A Mentor is Essential to New Business Owners

Entrepreneurs know how exciting it is to bring a new idea to life. Yet, however great the idea, they may not know how to develop it into a working business model to generate revenue. That’s where a mentor comes in. Over the years, we’ve had several mentors who have been an integral part of our...
women entrepreneurs
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When You Invest in Women Entrepreneurs, the Impact is Priceless

Women entrepreneurs are an unstoppable force within small business. They’re disrupting, innovating and succeeding in every industry they touch, and they’re growing at a rapid pace. It can be seen in the 58 percent increase of U.S. women-owned businesses since 2007, compared to a 12 percent growth rate of small businesses overall. What is the...
small business owners
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Study Explores the Current State of American Small Business Owners

The early bird gets the worm. Nice guys finish last. You snooze, you lose. Sound familiar? As entrepreneurs, we’ve all been hardwired, to some extent, to believe that the more hours we put in and the more we invest in self-preservation, the easier it will be to beat the competition to the punch. You hear...
Small Business Saturday
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3 Unique Ways to Succeed on Small Business Saturday

Sandwiched in between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is Small Business Saturday, a holiday that is dedicated to supporting small businesses by “shopping small” in communities throughout the nation. Created by American Express in 2010, this holiday has been steadily growing among entrepreneurs and consumers. In 2016, American Express reported that Small Business Saturday hit...
Small business loan
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The Small Business Loan Revolution is Here

The economy is back, and it’s ready to lend a hand If you’re like most small business owners, you’ve been on quite the roller coaster for the past several years. You pinched pennies, made sacrifices and deferred capital investment projects. Finally, your patience has paid off. With the economy back on a roll, entrepreneurs and...
Tech Entrepreneurs
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3 Things Small Business Needs to Learn from Tech Entrepreneurs

Flickr / Brian Wilkins / CC BY-NC 2.0 College student CEOs, overnight success stories, startups that turned traditional industries on their heads: it's no wonder the world has taken inspiration from the energy and growth of the startup world. But for the average small business owner, it can be difficult to pick out lessons from...
Business operations
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Streamlining Business Operations in 5 Steps

Streamlining business operations can mean less paperwork, more productivity When you’re building a business, time is one of your most valuable assets. Even after putting in long nights and working on the weekend, small business owners are always short on time. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the never ending to-do list, stacks of paperwork,...
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Small businesses want immigration & EU membership prioritised

Research from Make It Cheaper shows that Britain's small business owners are concerned with Britain's EU membership and immigration policy ahead of the 2015 General Election With the clock counting down until Britain’s 2015 General Election, Make It Cheaper has commissioned research to find out which burning topics small business owners would most like to...