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10 “Must Have” Tools and Resources for Your Business

Start Your Business with these 10 Tools and Resources One of the most difficult things you will ever do, but also one of the most rewarding things, is starting your own business. It is difficult because getting started is tough, especially if you aren’t using all of the tools and resources that are available to...
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10 Things to Consider When Starting Your Own Business

10 Things to Consider When Starting Your Own Business It’s time to stop talking about starting a business and begin to do it! Now, don’t get me wrong: starting a business is challenging, and requires plenty of work. But with a little organization and planning, as well as the following list, you’ll be off on...
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Is franchise ownership for you?

Good evening Startup Nation visitors! Today we begin a 15-part, five week crash course that will help you decide whether or not franchising is the right thing for you. Starting your own business can be extremely daunting. What is the right business for me? How do I get financing (or do I even need financing)?...
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When is Bragging a Good Thing?

This was the question raised in the community forum recently. It turns out to be a really good question because that forum topic has risen to be one of the most popular in the entire community. It seems that the answer to the question is that bragging is always a good thing when done...
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Word of mouth marketing and advertising

Here's how it works. When you especially identify a screaming need for someone, offer a solution as a good will gesture and then come through with flying colors, you'll get talked about. A lot. Example? One of the StartupNation community members, nickname jonese, noticed that we were having a particularly troublesome time with spam in...
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Marketing your small business: Choose your words carefully

When you write an advertisement, whether it's for the newspaper, radio, or internet, you may want to tell people that your product is of high quality; that it's a great value. You want them to know you have integrity. You are devoted to customer service, and you care about them deeply. Right? Wrong! According to...
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“Small Business.” Does that term apply to you?

We always like reading the work of Gwendolyn Bounds in the Wall Street Journal. This week she highlights an effort by the SBA to refine the federal agency's definition of what a "small" business is. And, boy, the SBA needs to! For example, they have 37 different "size standards" to account for the full gamut...