Word of mouth marketing and advertising

Here’s how it works. When you especially identify a screaming need for someone, offer a solution as a good will gesture and then come through with flying colors, you’ll get talked about. A lot.


One of the StartupNation community members, nickname jonese, noticed that we were having a particularly troublesome time with spam in our StartupNation blog comments. It became so pervasive and just downright yucky, that we disabled the blog comments while we figured out a strategy to battle back.

Jonese, who’s full name is Eric Jones, sent us an email saying he felt he could help. We were up for it. He did help. And now we have an even more powerful inoculation against ugly blog spam.

So kudos to you jonese and to your company Digital Positions in Atlanta, Georgia. Now we can all get back to commenting on these here StartupNation blogs!

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