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How to Start and Fund a Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are a hot commodity, with a market value estimated at over $45 billion. America runs on caffeine, which all but ensures a demand for the product. Not only that, but a coffee shop can have an enormous impact on the feel of a neighborhood, serving as a gathering place and a makeshift office...
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How to Use Snapchat to Boost Your Sales

Snapchat may not be the social media site with the most users, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a powerful tool for companies with a specific audience: namely, millennials. With over 180 million daily users, many of which are under the age of 34, Snapchat, when leveraged properly, can help boost sales and grow brand...
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3 Ways to Drive Vital Viral Buzz to Your Franchise

Word-of-mouth marketing is undeniably effective in bolstering a business, with four-fifths of consumers trusting validations by their friends over any other marketing, and the social media age has only amplified the possibilities. Still, many franchises don’t create organic opportunities for patrons to spread the good word about their businesses. Nearly half of companies say they...
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How to Build Word-of-Mouth Marketing Buzz for Your Business

As a new business, your reputation is vital to your future growth and ability to gain new customers. Maintaining a positive customer experience at every touchpoint can help build a positive reputation. Along with that, entrepreneurs should also remember that customers risk their own reputation and credibility by making recommendations to their friends, family members...
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4 Ways Your Business Name Impacts Your Bottom Line

Your business name is more than just a buzzy moniker. While a great business model is certainly a key component to success, awesome names like PayPal, Twitter, SalesForce, Uber and Apple surely had something to do with these amazing companies’ rise to success. You too can harness a great name to start your business off on the...
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What We Can Learn From Pandora Radio About Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth marketing is a mystery.  How do you get people to spread the word about your company to their friends so you can grow your business? There is no magic mix of message and method that will guarantee that your customers spread the word about their positive experiences.  It can be helpful however,...
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Everything I Needed to Know About Business I Learned From Boxing

The love affair started about ten years ago. I was flipping through the channels on late night television and stumbled across one of Felix Trinidad’s early fights. He was an amazing athlete full of unwavering determination, brute physicality, and an innate ability for overcoming obstacles. It was no secret that he would often get knocked...
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Word-Of-Mouth Tips from Andy Sernovitz-Part 2

On Tuesday, Andy Sernovitz, author of “Word of Mouth Marketing - How Smart Companies Get People Talking” and the blog, shared some of his PR insights. Here is the continuation of our interview: What are some other tips you can offer small business owners who want to increase sales and awareness via word-of-mouth? Focus on your...
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Word-of-Mouth Marketing Guru Shares Tips

Recently, I spoke with word-of-mouth marketing guru, Andy Sernovitz. As the author of “Word of Mouth Marketing - How Smart Companies Get People Talking” and the blog, he has some great insights for StartupNation entrepreneurs.  Here’s what he had to say: Why is word-of-mouth marketing so important to new entrepreneurs? Because word of mouth is...
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If you don’t like it – tell us. If you love it – tell others!

My sister tells a great story about her daughter Jordan. When she was about five years old, she loved to watch infomercials. One morning she came running into the kitchen, very excited and blurted out – “Mom! Mom! we need to buy a Mr. Omelet pan, the eggs won't stick, it makes turning easy, and...
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Word of mouth marketing and advertising

Here's how it works. When you especially identify a screaming need for someone, offer a solution as a good will gesture and then come through with flying colors, you'll get talked about. A lot. Example? One of the StartupNation community members, nickname jonese, noticed that we were having a particularly troublesome time with spam in...