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How to Use Snapchat to Boost Your Sales

The parent company of Snapchat has gone through a rough stretch of late, with shares of plunged plunging in early February after the company reported a loss in last quarter of 2023. But CEO Evan...
coffee shop
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How to Start and Fund a Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are a hot commodity, with a market value estimated at over $45 billion. America runs on caffeine, which all but ensures a demand for the product. Not only that, but a coffee shop...
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3 Ways to Drive Vital Viral Buzz to Your Franchise

Word-of-mouth marketing is undeniably effective in bolstering a business, with four-fifths of consumers trusting validations by their friends over any other marketing, and the social media age has only amplified the possibilities. Still, many franchises...
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Word-Of-Mouth Tips from Andy Sernovitz-Part 2

On Tuesday, Andy Sernovitz, author of “Word of Mouth Marketing - How Smart Companies Get People Talking” and the blog, shared some of his PR insights. Here is the continuation of our interview: What are some...
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Word-of-Mouth Marketing Guru Shares Tips

Recently, I spoke with word-of-mouth marketing guru, Andy Sernovitz. As the author of “Word of Mouth Marketing - How Smart Companies Get People Talking” and the blog, he has some great insights for StartupNation entrepreneurs. ...
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Word of mouth marketing and advertising

Here's how it works. When you especially identify a screaming need for someone, offer a solution as a good will gesture and then come through with flying colors, you'll get talked about. A lot. Example?...