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Need Cash Fast? Here Are Funding Options for Startups

Whether you are running a tech startup, an app or the next best thing to solve world hunger, pretty much every startup relies on having a strong and stable cash flow. However, with more than 50% of startups failing by their fifth year and 82% of these allegedly failing due to a lack of cash,...
Alternative Financing
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5 Alternative Financing Options That Help Startups Access Funding Quickly

Securing funding can be difficult for new entrepreneurs, especially given how stringent banks are when qualifying potential borrowers. However, numerous alternative financing lenders offer a wide array of potential financing options that are accessible to startup founders. In this article, we explain what some of those funding options are. StartupNation exclusive discounts and savings on...
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New Year, New Business: Start it Up on StartupNation Radio

On this episode of StartupNation Radio, brought to you by Pappas Financial, Jeff is joined by co-host, Corey Welch, Detroit Site Leader for Rapid Advance. The fourth largest small business lender in America, Rapid Advance is a tech-powered financial services company that provides working capital to small and mid-sized businesses. To kick the show off,...
Funding alternatives
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8 Funding Alternatives to Consider for Your Startup

When it comes to funding your startup, you may not know exactly where to start. While you could certainly seek out a small business loan, microloan or other program designed to get you the capital you need, there are other viable funding alternatives to get your business up and running. Should you be looking for funding,...
Fund a startup business
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6 Ways to Fund a Startup Business

More than 6 million people in the United States started a new business in 2015. This was the greatest increase of new business startups in over 20 years, and this increased pace of new business startups has continued in 2016. In a recent Gallup poll that interviewed a diverse group of more than 2,000 Americans, over...
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Which Funding Source is Best for Your Business?

Before exploring the topic of traditional banks versus online lenders as a source of startup funding, it's interesting to learn where typical startups get their funding today. While no two startups are exactly the same, founders might gain valuable insight by learning how other new companies have raised the capital to manage daily operations and...
Ways to get your startup founded
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10 Smart Ways To Get Your Startup Founded

Every business starts out as an idea. When that idea takes shape with a feasible business plan, the focus will shift to the turning point of every startup venture: getting it funded. It doesn’t matter how great you think your idea is or if the projections support a highly- profitable venture. If you cannot secure...