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How to Design and Deliver a Business Pitch That Secures Startup Funding

A business pitch is a presentation put together to entice an investor or group of investors. The goal of your pitch is to secure funding to proceed with your value proposition so you can take your idea to the market. Remember, the pitch process is about getting investors to back people; it’s not about backing...
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5 Ways to Grow Your Startup Using the Power of Negotiation

Negotiation is one of the fundamental parts of staring your own business. Everything from acquiring a business loan to clinching deals with new clients and settling prices with suppliers will take an element of bargaining and compromise. For some, this type of haggling comes as second nature; but for others, the mere thought of business...
VC partner
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How to Find the Perfect VC Partner, Even During Times of Uncertainty

While the pandemic has certainly had an impact on the startup space, speculations were off about one thing: venture capital. It didn’t dry up: Venture investors poured $150 billion into North American companies in 2020, up about 7% from 2019 levels. All was not rosy, however, as first-time financings comprised only a fraction of that...
partnership structures
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Forming a Partnership? Check Out These 4 Partnership Structures

Did you know there are several partnership structures you can choose from when forming a partnership Partnerships are a popular business structure to form if you plan to go into business with another person. You might choose a trusted family member, friend, colleague or even a mentor. Two or more people enter into a partnership...
business partnership
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How to Set Expectations in a Business Partnership to Ensure Success

It’s an exciting moment in the life cycle of a startup when an entrepreneur decides to establish a partnership. Businesses that create partnerships together are able to align with like-minded brands that support and enhance each other’s services. This helps create partnerships that are mutually beneficial to both partners. Over time, one successful business partnership...
angel investor raise smart money
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This Angel Investor Shares 11 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Raise Smart Money

Oftentimes, I read articles offering tips for entrepreneurs that revolve around generic advice on getting started. However, what is often direly needed is how to appeal to investors and raise smart money — knowledge that is essential for fundraising and a master key to building, accelerating and scaling your new venture. The investment platform I...
SCORE feature
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StartupNation Announces Partnership with SCORE of Southeast Michigan

StartupNation is excited to formally announce a strategic partnership with SCORE of Southeast Michigan, an organization of expert business mentors that provides aspiring small business owners with the free tools they need to succeed. As part of this partnership, SCORE of Southeast Michigan will regularly share content through an “Ask the Expert” segment on StartupNation Radio...
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6 Steps for Choosing the Right Co-Founder for Your Startup

People are naturally more driven to achieve their goals when journeying with others. Studies have shown that effective collaboration delivers five times more productivity than acting alone, resulting in higher-performing teams. When working with others, we gain insight that we may have overlooked on our own. After graduating from college, I started my first company...
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How a Co-CEO Model Can Help You Build a Better Business

Do you know any CEOs who have enough time to meet all of their obligations, both personally and professionally? If so, I’d love to meet him or her! While there have been several high-profile breakups this year of dual-CEOs (or should we call them “duel”-CEOs) from the likes of SAP, Oracle and Salesforce, I’ve had...
built to sell
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Tips for Starting an E-Commerce Business That is Built to Sell

Entrepreneurs are driven by many different motivators. Some may create a new business because they feel an abstract impulse to bring a particular vision to life. Others enjoy the prospect of building a legacy for their family, generating a steady stream of passive income, or even building a multinational enterprise. While many entrepreneurs won’t necessarily...
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Why Fintech Startups Fail (and How You Can Avoid These Mistakes)

Fintechs are one of the hottest trends in the tech industry today. It seems as though everywhere you turn, there’s a new startup trying to get you to open a digital account or use their app to pay for goods and services. These companies are riding the wave of the digital revolution and seek to revolutionize...
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6 Mentoring Resources for Women Small Business Owners

For female founders who face unique challenges (especially when trying to break into male-dominated industries), having a mentor could be the missing piece of the entrepreneurial success puzzle. Navigating the roadblocks to business success becomes much easier when you have mentors with experience to guide you. Mentors can make connections, introduce you to trustworthy legal...
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Shark Tank Investors Say This is How to Win Them Over

Look the part, be disruptive and keep things simple, say Barbara Corcoran, Bethenny Frankel, Grant Cardone and others. You have a great idea. Now you need the money to make it happen. In this day and age when it seems like everybody is an entrepreneur, how do you convince investors your idea is worth their financial backing? We asked “Shark Tank”...
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Essentials You Need to Know About Partnerships and Equity

It’s nearly impossible to build a profitable company completely on your own, simply because it’s impossible to have all the skills and resources necessary for a successful business. Although you may start out on your own, at some point you’ll want to utilize talent and skill sets beyond what you personally possess. As a startup...
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7 Alternatives to VC Funding That Women Entrepreneurs Need to Know About

News, television and other media have pushed venture capital from specialized financing vehicle to the mainstream. It would be easy to assume, then, that venture capital is a good fit for every startup, but that’s not the case at all. In particular, venture capital is often not a good fit for startups. Taking venture capital...
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7 Ways to Find a Mentor (and Why Having One is Vital to Your Startup’s Success)

When you start a new business, you’re going to want to find a good mentor. Mentors are as close to a business success hack that exists: they can provide validation, encouragement, networking opportunities, perspective, industry-specific strategies, accountability and more. It’s no surprise then that studies connect mentorship to higher outcomes of success and more revenue...
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4 Lessons I Learned From Scaling a Startup to an SME

You started a business because you have goals, and where you began probably isn’t where you want to end up. Scaling a startup to a small to medium enterprise (or SME) is part of growing and expanding, but it’s not without its risks. After all, 75 percent of VC-backed startups fail. I started my company...