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StartupNation Announces Partnership with SCORE of Southeast Michigan

StartupNation is excited to formally announce a strategic partnership with SCORE of Southeast Michigan, an organization of expert business mentors that provides aspiring small business owners with the free tools they need to succeed.

As part of this partnership, SCORE of Southeast Michigan will regularly share content through an “Ask the Expert” segment on StartupNation Radio that allows members of the local small business community to call in with questions or concerns regarding their businesses. SCORE mentors and subject matter experts will field the questions and provide their insights and expertise.

Stay tuned for details as this valuable programming is rolled out in the coming weeks!

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StartupNation will also promote the SCORE suite of services, most significantly, the SCORE mentoring services, to our community of aspiring entrepreneurs and existing small business owners.

Hitting the ground running

Even prior to establishing a formalized working relationship, SCORE of Southeast Michigan and StartupNation have been active collaborators. StartupNation’s founder and CEO, Jeff Sloan, was a guest on a recent episode of The SCORE Podcast: Where Small Business Matters. Additionally, local volunteer Armando Ojeda has twice been a guest on StartupNation Radio.

Listen to the interviews, below!

StartupNation Radio featuring Armando Ojeda of SCORE of Southeast Michigan

WJR Business Beat featuring Armando Ojeda of SCORE of Southeast Michigan

The SCORE Podcast featuring Jeff Sloan

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Stay tuned for details as this valuable partnership continues to roll out in the coming weeks!

For more information on SCORE of southeast Michigan and to take advantage of these free resources, visit

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