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11 Self-Made Millionaires Reveal the Best Advice They Ever Got

These millionaires and advisors in The Oracles have had some super-smart mentors; so we asked them for the best advice they’ve ever received. Here’s what they told us — and how it led to their success. StartupNation exclusive discounts and savings on Dell products and accessories: Learn more here “You’ll never succeed without me” The best...
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The Best (and Craziest) Advice I Ever Received and How It Led to My Success

Not everyone gets to the top by following the same rules, and these nine business moguls and Advisors in The Oracles are proof of that. Here, Grant Cardone, Bethenny Frankel and others share the unconventional advice they say has led to their success. StartupNation exclusive discounts and savings on Dell products and accessories: Learn more...
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9 Habits Successful Entrepreneurs Use to Increase Productivity

There are always those successful entrepreneurs and small business owners who check so many tasks off of their to-do list, it seems they must have extra hours in the day. But since they’re only human, there must be something they’re doing to get so much done, right? There must be habits and hacks they have...
vitamin b for business
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Vitamin B (for Business): The Difference Between Having a Job and Having a Business

The following excerpt is from “Vitamin B (For Business),” written by Petra Coach founder and CEO, Andy Bailey. For more information, visit The B vitamin is essential for the health of your brain, nervous system and, really, the entire body. Similarly, “Vitamin B (For Business)” is vital for company leaders – improving the health...
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These Tech Startup CEOs Offer Top 5 Tips for Success

Starting up your own tech company is a massive feat for anybody. However, establishing one in a male-dominated industry can make it even harder to succeed. But, with grit and tenacity, Marta Higuera and Zoe Pointon did just that. In just over seven years, they’ve managed to build a thriving and award-winning tech company, OpenAgent,...
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7 Fatal (and Common) Mistakes Threatening Your Startup’s Success

Most startups fail. It’s the nature of business—there isn’t enough room for everyone. And as anyone who has founded a successful (or unsuccessful) business can attest, there are about a thousand different ways to crash and burn. But someone has to succeed, and that someone may as well be you. After all, you’ve got a...
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9 Leading Entrepreneurs Share the One Decision That Changed Their Lives

These leading entrepreneurs and advisors in The Oracles share the decisions that led them to fulfillment and success. I listened to my gut After initially turning down “The Real Housewives,” I accepted the opportunity and became one of the first people to monetize reality TV. Another big decision was selling the intellectual property of my Skinnygirl liquor...
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Choose Wisely: Your Team Can Make or Break Your Startup

There are a number of reasons that businesses don't succeed. Almost a quarter of startups (23 percent) fail because they didn’t have the right team. Thus, building and surrounding yourself with the right team is one of the foremost priorities you have as an entrepreneur. When DashThis was starting out in 2011, it was just our...
define success
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How to Define Success for Your Business in 2019

Though not every business is the same, you’d be hard pressed to find a business owner that doesn’t share an interest in one common goal: success. But what exactly does success mean? Is it inextricably tied to a dollar sign? Is it based on overall satisfaction and happiness? Or, is it something else entirely? In...
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3 Trust-Building Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Take to Heart

At the end of the day, entrepreneurship is the ability to build a business opportunity out of a void in the marketplace. It's a tall order and the reason why so many entrepreneurs rarely do it alone. In fact, some would argue (me included) that one of an entrepreneur’s greatest assets is a knack for...
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4 Steps for Creating Lasting Entrepreneurial Success

In today’s technological day and age, as long as you have a device that can connect to the internet, theoretically, it’s fairly easy to start a business. However, approximately 50 percent of all businesses fail in the first five years, and for those that make it past five years, a large majority never reach their...
Dr. Patti Fletcher
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Define Your Own Success: A Q&A with Dr. Patti Fletcher

Dr. Patti Fletcher is a seasoned tech executive, marketing influencer and gender equity advocate. She is also the author of “Disrupters: Success Strategies from Women Who Break the Mold,” an angel investor, speaker and executive-in-residence at Babson College. In her new book, the self-proclaimed anti-“Lean In,” Dr. Fletcher discusses what different women in business have...
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Accountability Tools for Entrepreneurs

I know what you’re thinking: “Oh please, not another article about New Year’s resolutions.” This season can feel so overwhelming with the number of personal development and goal-setting content that appears all over our favorite publications. I’ll make you one promise: this won’t be another generalized guide to SMART goals. Instead, I want to dive...
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Writing a Novel: 5 Lessons to Learn About Entrepreneurship

Success. They've got it. You want it. Not just the type of success that comes with a two-story house, a garage and a boat, but the kind with three houses, a garage for that boat, and you're pretty sure the Sunday night Hallmark movie is about their legendary rise. It's that success that's eluded you from the day...
Business coach
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Does Your Startup Need to Invest in a Business Coach?

Deciding whether or not you should invest in a business coach can be a hard choice to make. They operate under the idea that they will advise you on your business growth, akin to how a life coach might counsel on emotional growth, or a sports coach might push an athlete to achieve the perfect...
Food industry
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Recipe for Success: 5 Tips for Entrepreneurs in the Food Industry

The cottage food industry, made up of entrepreneurs who make and sell food from their home kitchens, is big business in America and is part of the $120.5 billion in annual specialty food sales in the United States. These aren’t your grandma’s cookies and chocolates. Now, thanks to new state laws and a growth in kitchen...