No Content Marketing Strategy? You’re Losing Money!

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Writing copy that sells is not a passing trend.

While there is a lot of hype now about BtoC and BtoB Content Marketing and Content Strategy, these processes have been around for a long time… just with different names. And there is no need for confusion. Let’s keep it simple…

What is content marketing?

It’s the process of using various forms of writing to market your products and services.

What is content strategy?

These are the actual steps you take to meet your specific marketing goals using content.

And guess what? If you don’t use a content marketing strategy, you are losing money.

Why? With new technologies, it’s possible to get valuable data about your targeted, audience members, create content just for them and then test and change the copy for the best results.

Today, you can give customers what they want, when and how they want it, and reap the benefits in the process. If you are stuck in the old days of creating and distributing content and then waiting around to see if sales increase, you are losing money, time and valuable resources!

Instead, it’s time to start a content marketing strategy. And it doesn’t need to be difficult.

Here are a few simple steps to help you get your content strategy started.

1. Decide what you want to accomplish and when.

2. Figure out what your target-market wants and how you can provide solutions for them with your products and/or services.

3. Look at the unique benefits you offer, and see how you can share this information in the best way possible. Do you need to create videos, blogs, social-media posts, newsletters, case studies, e-mail campaigns, eBooks, podcasts, or something else to share your messages?

4. Create a big, editorial calendar or grid all of the content you are going to create. List the various topics, how the content will be distributed, who is responsible for the copywriting, SEO keywords, deadlines, and most important… how you are going to test and change the content for the best results

5. Once this process is in place, repeat as needed.

Voilá! You now have a content marketing strategy and can compete in your industry!

Obviously, this entire process takes a lot of time and effort, and I highly suggest you find an experienced, SEO content strategist to help you get the best results. But if you are a small business owner with limited funds, this gives you an easy, starting guide.

“Content Marketing Strategy” is a hot term right now because it works.

Basically, it’s a process of creating valuable content for your specific audience, distributing it accordingly and testing and changing the content as needed to meet your goals. It’s not a fad that’s going to go away, and if you are not using content marketing now to boost sales and awareness, you are missing out on competing effectively and growing your business.

What are you going to do today to start your content marketing strategy process?

If you need additional help creating and implementing a content strategy, please contact me here or visit I’ll also be teaching a B2B Webinar on content marketing, blogs and articles July 30th. For more information, please see

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