5 Refreshing Approaches for Your Email Newsletters

A common problem that email marketers face is the lack of a fresh approach to each of their email newsletters. More times than not, the focus lies on the quantity rather than how the information is presented. Below, I have included a few content approaches to improve your next newsletter.

  • Case studies– Develop a case study featuring your product or service. Spotlight several, “rockstar” customers or partners explaining how your company made an impact in their businesses.

  • “How to” guides– Write a guide on how to carry out a particular task or use a particular product or service.

  • Seasonality– Offer deals or exclusives around holidays. Other ideas include presenting discounts to customers based on common, annual business transactions.
  • Educational Content If you are an expert or have insight to expert knowledge, use your newsletter as a legitimate knowledge base.

  • Resource Links– The more information you provide to customers the more informed they will be before making a purchase.

Have a good weekend and I will be back next week to provide you with 5 more approaches to improve your email newsletter.


Ryan Allis

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