Email Marketing Preparation for the Holidays

Based on a SLI Systems “Trends in E-Commerce” 2008 survey, email marketing is considered one of the top three E-Commerce tools used by retailers. Participants of the survey also agree that many online tools such as email marketing, social media tools, and mobile technologies will make an impact on their marketing campaigns in the next three to five years.

As the holiday season is fast approaching, predictions show a 14.7 percent growth in sales over the 2007 season (eMarketer, 2008). It is important for email marketers to prepare cost effective measures to support this increase in business activity. Email marketing can be a great way to increase your presence amongst customers while keeping marketing expenditures relatively low.

One tip is to send out emails early on to capture those early-bird shoppers. By organizing and planning out your email campaigns a few months in advanced, you can eliminate the chances of customers overlooking your emails during shopping season.

Thanks for reading. I will be back by the end of the week to discuss more tips on email marketing.


Ryan Allis

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