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How to Attract New Customers this Holiday Season

As a business owner and entrepreneur you can’t afford to take it easy during the holidays. In reality, now is a good time to crack down and focus on building that customer base. Implement these opportunities and watch your customer base grow this holiday season!

Attracting New Customers – It’s easier than you think!

Though distraction is plentiful this time of year, what with all of the potential for vacation, parties, and red coffee cups floating about, the holiday season can actually be a good time to tack on some new customers. It’s tempting for businesses to take it a little easier during the holidays with everything going on, but this is, in reality, a good time to crack down and focus now more than ever on building that customer base. Implement these opportunities and watch your customer base grow and grow this holiday season!

Offer a promotion.

A great way to celebrate the holidays along with your customers is to offer awesome deals as your “gift” to them. Not only is this a nice way to show your customers that you care, but it’s a good way to get new potential customers to try your product or service. Market on all outlets, and encourage your customers and employees to share the deal with their own networks. If the deal is good enough, your audience will want to share with their friends and family anyway!

Hold a contest.

There are some people who go online for the pure reason of finding contests to participate in. They’re easy to implement, they’re fun, and they’re a great way to get your audience involved. Don’t be afraid to get creative. You could do something as simple as asking participants to submit a picture of themselves using your product. Or you could do something a little more in-depth by asking your customers to get creative and create a video explaining why they love your business. Prizes could range from a free product of yours, to a free iPad. Contests are a great way to gain new attention. They attract all sorts of different people; particularly people who might not have visited your page were they not looking for a contest to participate in.

Utilize paid Facebook Ads.

If you haven’t hopped on the Facebook paid advertising train yet, now is the time to do it. Whenever we opt for a paid post on our business’s Facebook page, the post gets more than triple the exposure it would get had we not paid for the promotion, depending on how much money we put in. You have the choice of promoting anywhere from $5 all the way up to $100 and above. Even just $5 gets your posts a good amount of exposure, and more importantly, exposure to people who wouldn’t normally be witness to your business’s posting. If, this season, you offer a promotion or host a contest, promote any posting you do about the events with paid Facebook advertising to get the word out!

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