Staying Connected by Using Surveys

Awhile back, I mentioned the importance of surveys and how they can help you gain valuable insight into your readers’ minds. Today I am going to discuss how you can leverage surveys to get the most information from your audience.

A survey is a great tool because it allows you to hear the opinions of all your customers and gives them a chance to describe in detail what they like and do not like about your product or service.  Often times a company is weighed down with negative comments, and very rarely hears the positive ones. A survey is an unobtrusive way to reach out and get an objective opinion about your business performance.

Before creating a survey, ask yourself, “What are the goals for this survey?” Spend time examining what you would like to achieve. After your objectives are in place, you can begin to segment your email lists to get the best results. For instance, if you run an apparel shop, you would probably want to segment your lists and target your surveys based on your customers’ geographic location and the appropriate apparel for that area (i.e. customers in Alaska would be more interested in cold weather clothes). 

Thanks for reading, I will be back soon to discuss more tips on email marketing.


Ryan Allis 

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