When starting a business, make yours one that gets the job done with one phone call

You know the weekend is over when your spouse heads out the door to the office and hands you a plunger while giving you a kiss goodbye. I don’t know about you, but something in the universe made time run double fast for me in the past few days. I did many things, but can’t believe it’s over already, and while I’m anxious to get back to my work, I am left with a list of chores a mile long to cram into every spare moment.

Maybe I’m getting old and cranky, but it seems to me that I have to do everything twice. I’ve probably complained to you about it before, but I truly believe going the extra mile to make your business an exception to the rule of mediocrity is a Key Move to making your start up successful.

I’m happy to pay someone else to clean my gutters, but I have to find someone who will return my call, then actually show up to do the job. This will be my third try. I bought a new sliding screen door at the nearby home superstore, but it doesn’t fit, so I have to find a company that hasn’t been squeezed out of business by the national chains who can actually get or create a screen that fits. The birds ate most of the grass seed I threw in the empty patches, so I’ll have to throw out some more. I need a hair cut, but the stylist I like is off today. I’ll have to call back again tomorrow–said the man who answered the phone. The dog needs a haircut too. The Kindergarten needs a cake. The mom I carpool with can’t drive the kids today. And the idiots at my ISP are threatening to turn off my service because I owe them $3. (I paid them before they send me a notice that my payment was late, which probably has something to do with the fact that they are in Texas but receive all their mail in California?!?!).

Here is my call to action: Be the company that gets the job done on the first call. Make sure whoever answers the phone has a clue. If you have an answering machine, return the calls you receive promptly. When someone calls with a problem, resolve it, don’t ignore them because its easier.

I feel better now. Thanks for being around my water cooler!

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